Baby Deer LOVES Belly Rub, Refuses to Be Put Down

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Late last month, a couple of construction workers were clearing brush in order to make way for some electric lines when they came across a baby deer lying in the path of a tree.

So one worker picked up the fawn, rubbed its belly a bit and tried to put it back down... only the small animal was NOT having it.

Clearly at ease and in love with this whole belly-rubbing business, the deer protested loudly any time the man tried to place it on the ground, creating one the cuter videos you'll see this summer.

Check it out now:

This deer likes to be massaged more than thisĀ chinchilla likes to drink tea!

According to the video description online, the fawn followed the men around like a "lost puppy" until they noticed a doe watching from the hillside.

Assuming it was the child's mother, they walked the baby deer toward it, released the toddler and watched as he scampered over this family.

An adorable animal video and a happy ending? It doesn't get much better than that.