Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott: "Cabin Fever" Reality Show Further Illustrates Thirst For Fame

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Just weeks after Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott aired their dirty laundry and then some on True Tori, the couple is back with yet another reality show.

While it was filmed last year, before Dean cheated on Tori Spelling with the possibly fake Emily Goodhand, it further epitomizes their desperate thirst for fame.

Tori and Dean Moment
Tori and Dean share a touching moment. So much to say about these two.

“Tori’s friends weren’t surprised that she had signed up to do another reality show,” an insider said of their latest effort, Tori & Dean: Cabin Fever.

“Tori just can’t stay away from reality shows, and really wants to try and show the world that her family life is just as normal as everyone else’s.”

“Even though she was criticized for doing a reality show as she was dealing with Dean’s cheating scandal, Tori didn’t care,” the source revealed.

“And now, even though she currently has her scripted show Mystery Girls with ABC Family, and this new reality show too, Tori wants to film another one!”

The Great American Country series, Tori & Dean: Cabin Fever, follows the California family as they leave L.A. to renovate a cottage in Dean's native Canada.

Cracks were already showing in their marriage, pre-Emily Goodhand boning.

“We need to get on the same page,” McDermott, 47, says in the preview.

“Men and women are never on the same page,” Spelling, 41, laments.

The troubled pair’s four kids, Liam, 7, Stella, 6, Hattie, 2, and Finn, 1, are also prominently featured in the show, and will likely need a lot of therapy one day.

Probably the best/worst part of this, though?

According to both the actual homeowner and realtor featured on the premiere, they didn't actually buy the cottage and only entered into a rental agreement.

“I still own the house,” the Toronto resident registered to the home says. “I’m retired now, so I gave it to my sons. And yes, they filmed a reality TV show there.”

Todd Jeffries, the real estate agent featured, says he doesn’t even normally trade in that area and was approached by producers to do the show.

“I wasn’t involved in the rental side of it and I don’t really know what the arrangement was,” Jeffries said, making you wonder if anything these two do is real.

Tori and Dean Are Broke!
Tori and Dean are so broke, he can't even afford a vasectomy supposedly. Guess that's why they keep having kids.

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People are so mean. Clearly, Tori cant win. I don't understand the sympathy Kendra gets, but not Tori? Dean is scum, but give Tori a break. She tries so hard to prove herself as a wife, mother, actress but gets such nasty feedback. Unreal

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Darlene b

They're not breaking up . . .they need each other to keep doing these stupid reality shows.

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Dean looks dirty and high all the time and Tori looks like a plastic surgeon's joke. They are both cheating losers who are forever in some phony realty TV sludge of a show. They are pathetic. It really makes me wonder what a loser Jenny Garth must be, to be Tori's friend.

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@ Shannon Collier

Jenny is being PAID to be with Tori to promote their show which has low rating and won't be around much longer. Jenny has always been the one to take the high road and Tori has always been one to take period.

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How pathetic can these two morons be? YOU ARE BOTH HAS BEEN'S. Aaron Spelling must be rolling in his grave thinking what an idiot his daughter turned out to be.......... a total loser. Insecure, anorexic, can't even trust her husband (he is a cheater and always will be). Doesn't want him to leave her side and when he does has to check in with her almost every hour. She needs psychiatric help in the worst way. Him, he is trash. Imagine the embarrassment these kids will face when they are a little older. Candy, stay smart and stay away from these two trolls. The kids are just 4 innocent little pawns. Who stays together "for the kids"? Despicable. Now, just go away and live on another planet. Huh, and to think she left a handsome 1st husband who was a true gentleman. This Dean idiot, is ugly and looks like a dirty drunken hobo all the time. YUCK!

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@ armyisnumber1

has beens? more like never were - dean looks like an opossum.... he is gross

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@ George

If people watch, they make the shows. Id rather see them than the kardashians smelling each others panties or obese rednecks eating spaghetti with ketchup and country crock, by a small margine, anyways.

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even f*cking a dead body is more fun than f*cking this tori, folks!!

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