Teresa Giudice Salary Revealed: She Makes HOW MUCH?!?

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We have an update on The Real Housewives of New Jersey cast salaries.

According to Radar Online insiders, new cast members Nicole Napolitano, Teresa Aprea and Amber Marchese are making $60,000 for Season 6; Dina Manzo is pulling in $100,000; Melissa Gorga is taking home $250,000.

And Teresa Giudice is making $700,000. For one season of work.

Bravo really has to stop exploiting her, doesn't it?!?

Teresa Giudice: Table Flipping
And now for the classic. Teresa's face is priceless as she famously flips the table. Bravo. Bravo.

Of course, Teresa and husband Joe are on the hook for a lot of financial fraud, facing an upcoming prison sentence and unable to splurge like they used to with this cash.

"Despite that huge paycheck, most of that money is going to pay for Joe and Teresa’s legal fees," Radar writes, explaining:

"There will also be expected fines assessed to the couple when they are finally sentenced in September, and Teresa has been told that could be up to $250,000."

For those unaware, Giudice pleaded guilty in March to falsifying mortgage documents, lying about her income and other white collar crimes.

This Radar source claims Teresa “hasn’t scalded back on shopping sprees” for her daughters, while doing all she can to come up with new income streams.

She "stays up late at night when the girls and Joe are asleep and tries to come up with ideas to make a quick buck. She feels very limited in the paid promotional appearances she can do with the sentencing date approaching...

"The idea of losing her home and the lifestyle is just to much for her to deal with."

Please don't tell us this is all leading to a Teresa Giudice sex tape. Please.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey New Season 6 Cast Photo
Say hello to The Real Housewives of New Jersey New for Season 6. They are: Dina Manzo, Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga, Amber Marchese, Nicole Mauriello and Teresa Aprea.

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at least she has money to pay her fines!! goodluck to you and your hubby.

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Anyone catch watching this show should receive the death penalty.

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Pretty despicable, Bravo.

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Im sorry even though I too am Italian. I have NO Sympothy for her at all and I think she should be removed from the show and NOT paid. With her being on the show, sends mixed messages to viewers. It shows viewers that its okay to commit these kinds of crimes and look the station will pay you even more money to be on the show. She hasnt cut back on spending, she hasnt cut back on the vacations, she doesnt appear to have suffered any negative consequences from her illegal actions that she plead GUILTY to. So what I see this is telling the world if you are on TV and commit a crime its okay because it may increase ratings. Pull her off the show and STOP paying her. I mean heck I am working as many jobs n hours as I possibly can NO vacations for me and no shopping sprees for me or my kitties. There is something 1,000% wrong with this picture and this situation. REMOVE Theresa from the show and CUT her pay.

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So depending on how Freaking ugly you are they pay you more....

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