Kate Upton "Fat" Photos Spark Pregnancy Rumors

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Though she may be the living embodiment of female perfection, Kate Upton had to fight her way into the world of modeling and has been the subject of bizarre body-shaming ever since.

Recently, Upton discussed her curves and the euphemisms that critics have used when discussing her voluptuous figure. (Pro tip: Don't call Kate "healthy" to her face.)

That interview proved to be remarkably well-timed, as photos of Kate shopping with fellow model Lily Aldridge that surfaced today have led to increased speculation that Kate has packed on some pounds recently

Some have even suggesting that she's followed in the footsteps of her pregnant older sister:

"Kate Upton Prayed To Be Curvy, She Can Stop Now," read a headline on one website.

Internet comment boards have since featured even more hateful attacks:

"How this cow ever got to fame is not entirely a mystery," wrote one commenter. "How she stayed there so long is."

Amidst the insults and implications that Kate slept her way to the top there are occasional defenses of Kate coming from "fans" who claim she hasn't gotten fat, but is simply looking a little heavier and sporting a baggy dress because she's expecting.

One tabloid claims that Kate was recently spotted toasting with water on a dinner date with boyfriend Justin Verlander, thus fueling rumors that the couple is soon to start a family.

Our official opinion? We're guessing she's not pregnant, we know she's not fat, and we're pretty sure she's the hottest thing on two feet:


I think JJ is right - horrible shape.


I came across this article randamly and I am very confused about all the plus size models wave.(nothing to do with this lady.. I didn't even know who she was). what kind of message they are trying to send to us? Health? Beauty? Or to please majority of the female market?
I was eating lots of junk foods, late night meals, no exercises..etc and wore size us 4-6.. until I had some health issue more then a year ago and started work out around 5hours a week with mainly healthy foods with min. alcohol and strictly no foods at least 3 hours before bed. now I am a size 2us.. am I unhealthy now because I am very slim? ..instead of promoting fat and horrifying the slim.. maybe people should try to live on a really healthy life and see what size they have become?


Wow! Are people just now waking up to the fact that this 'model' looks like crap without all that heavy photoshop? No, she's not fat or pregnant. She has a very odd shape. No waist line. Just a thick torso shaped like a loaf of bread. She's always looked like this.

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