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If you thought you’d seen it all on social media, and believed your Instagram feed couldn’t possibly be filled with more inappropriate selfies  … you are wrong on both counts.

Welcome to the #AfterSex hashtag!

This trend is actually a thing, and is fairly self-explanatory. For reasons unknown, couples of young to intermediate age take post-coital selfies and share them.

Because nothing says romance like putting it your partner, then snapping a pic and sharing it with the Internet, where everything lives on forever.

Maybe, and scarily, that’s the appeal.

In no way can one take part in such a flagrantly voyeuristic phenomenon without full knowledge that the intimate shots will be ogled by anonymous viewers.

That or they’re just trying too hard.

In a way, at least in some cases, using the #aftersex tag could be interpreted more as an insecure move as well as a self-obsessed, hyper-confident display. 


Hey, everybody, look at us! We have hot sex! Are you looking for Likes with these shots? [SIDE NOTE: Who the heck Likes an #AfterSex photo?]

Lonely Island (Feat. Akon) - I Just Had Sex

While "I Just Had Sex" bragging has gone on since the beginning of time, wouldn’t you want to brag to a select few friends and not everyone you know?

Bottom line, if you post this sort of photo, you’re exhibiting terrible judgment at best, because you may or may not regret this one day and there’s no taking it down.

At worst? You’re a moron who either thinks that your followers want to see this (they don’t) and/or that it will help you overcompensate for your insecurities (it won’t).

On the plus side, the hashtag has already been hijacked by joke pics featuring puppies above, hands (from teenage boys) and at least one sonogram video.

Well played, all. See above for some non-joke, relatively tame but still possibly NSFW examples of this ridiculous trend … or just take our word for it.