Deaf Dog Gets Adopted, Wags Tail in Sleep, Is SOOOO Happy!

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Say hello to Frank.

This adorable puppy was adopted when he was five months old, with owner Rafael Borges writing online that the dog was not vaccinated at the time he was taken in.

Frank only weighed seven pounds, as his pervious owner kept him in a small area and didn’t treat a number of infections. As a result, Frank is deaf.

Shadows made the canine nervous, and "his only friend was a torn blanket," Borges says in maybe the saddest statement of all-time.

But there's a happy ending here, folks! Frank now has a stable home and is so in love with life that he wags his tail in his sleep. Don’t believe us?

See for yourself:

It was about time we posted some positive pet news, right?

Following this story about a dog who refused to leave his dead owner's side and this one about the world's most depressed polar bear?

Let's keep the good times rolling via the following photo gallery of dogs having very bad hair days:

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It's so good to read these stories about dogs. The rest of the news, Obama, the Southern Border etc is so depressing. Dog stories give this dog lover a lift. "If dogs don't go to Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they go." Will Rodgers Right on Will, hope you are there with the dogs. Hope I can join you all someday.

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Tail wagging dog is not asleep. Look closely in the video and you can see his eye open.

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