14 First World Problems That Make Us Pity the Kardashians

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You think these everyday folks on Twitter are suffering through an bevy of First World Problems? HA!

Just consider what Kim Kardashian and kompany must deal with on a near-constant basis.

Imagine not having cell phone service while you dine. Picture a world with too many Rolexes. Try to think of how you'd feel if you dropped a diamond earring in the ocean while on a tropical vacation.

These are pretty stark and depressing images, aren't they? But they merely represent a sliver of what the Kardashians have gone through over the past few years.

Get out your Kleenex, readers. Break out your violins. And flip through the following First World Problems encountered by Reality TV's First Family over the years...

Note: the Kardashians really need to watch THIS VIDEO.


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Personally, I'd love to see the show take them to homeless shelters, soup kitchen, food banks, places where the homeless meet, etc.
I know Bruce took some of them to a shelter once where they got to meet people REALLY struggling. The lesson they "seemed" to learn from that didn't last long, did it. smh
Personally, I feel sorry for them because eventually, they have to start failing/falling, and when they do, I don't think they'll know how to deal with it because they've always lived fantasy and never REAL reality.

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so there is a god after all?

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