Rihanna Nearly Nude in See-Through CFDA Dress: Hot or Not?

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Rihanna has never been shy about showing her ample assets to the public. This is a fact known to pretty much anyone who knows who Rihanna is.

Her topless photoshoot for Lui magazine in April was as revealing as a doctor's exam, and her music videos generally leave very little to the imagination.

But while it was nothing we haven't seen before, RiRi is drawing some criticism for the dress that she wore to last night's 2014 CFDA fashion awards.

RIhanna See-Through Dress Image
Rihanna has received some criticism for wearing a see-through dress to the CFDA awards. Frankly, we think she looks great!

Ri was on hand to receive the Fashion Icon Award, but while there are celebrity cameos aplenty, designers are supposed to be the focus of the CFDAs and some critics feel that the singer's barely-there dress was an attempt to make the evening all about her

After all, it's hard for people to focus on Tom Ford's acceptance speech when they're sitting next to a pair of exposed nipples.

But there's another school of thought that says this night was all about fashion and bold choices like Rihanna's should be encouraged.

Of course, while the rest of us debate the appropriateness of Rihanna's attire we're sure she the only question she's asking herself this morning is what angle did she look the fliyest from.

She's not exactly the type to second-guess herself, after all. Just saying.

What do you think of Rihanna's dress: Inappropriate or fashion-forward?

Rihanna Topless
Rihanna gets topless in Lui magazine. That's about all there is to say here.

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She look good with his pussy

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In all honesty, U are saying it fashion. Fashion is something that not only a person can bring to such event but the mass public as a whole can adorn it and wear out to the streets, the mall, park, whatever..
Would anyone in the sane mind wears that out to the streets and leave people gawking? Worse, young adolescent teens?

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She dresses the same as beyonce.... this is what jayz tells them to wear...just what do you think about beyonces few pieces she wears. ..one is no better than the other...think about that..

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What's the big deal? We all realize that if she didn't get lucky in the recording business, that she'd be a $5.00 prostitute.

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Another one that runs around nude for attention. Seriously I can't believe stars get to do this kind of stuff and get away with it. I'm sure other stars don't want there kids seeing naked self.

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Thank you Rihianna for making women look,like classless, clueless sluts and sex objects! Don't you belong in some third world country. Go home, please

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@ Spare Me

We would welcome her home anything! Don't you wish you wish you could be in this expensive destination ... oops you probably couldn't afford it!

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No worse than some runway model outfits, I guess. She sure has a rocking physique.

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