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Is Tasos Hernandez gay? Rumors have surfaced to that effect, but The Bachelorette hopeful, who left the ABC show last night, denies their legitimacy.

Whispers surfaced early on about Tasos, but after a tabloid published alleged “evidence” that he is gay, he finally responded to the gossip with a denial.

A story in celebrity gossip magazine In Touch titled “Andi’s Guy Caught in Gay Scandal” includes racy pics (above) and some anonymous quotes.

From people talking about him, not from Tasos himself.

Fellow cast members who got to know him while vying for Andi Dorfman‘s roses aren’t buying it though. JJ O’Brien even tweeted about it in jest.

Tasos’ response: “@mrjjobrien sorry. Didn’t mean to offend. Really love In Touch‘s accurate & verifiable information. Quality magazine I tell ya. #sarcasm.”


Sarcasm noted. Along with unreliability of the source.

If she really thought Tasos was gay, we’d imagine Andi Dorfman would have cut the guy loose immediately, not halfway through her quest for love.

He was the 13th guy eliminated out of 25 (or 14th out of 26 if you count Chris Bukowski) when he did not receive a rose at last night’s ceremony.

A ceremony that was not aired because of the way Eric Hill left the show earlier in the episode, and the fact that Hill tragically died just weeks later.

Still, Tasos clearly made a better impression on Andi than most, and seemed like a solid guy who wouldn’t hide from who he is or go on TV just for attention.

Who will win her final rose at the end of the journey?

As always, The Bachelorette spoilers page on THG has all the latest rumors and speculation on that subject, should you choose to spoil it for yourself!