Lady Gaga Gets New Tattoo, Flashes Ass During Epic Night Out!

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Lady Gaga enjoys being in the spotlight, no matter what the cost. We think that much was made clear when Gaga paid someone to puke on her during a concert.

But lately Gaga's antics have been growing old and she hasn't been receiving the attention she craves, and no doubt feels she deserves.

So what does she do? Hits the town to get sloshed, tatted, and half naked - posing for selfies every step of the way!

Lady Gaga New Tattoo Photo
Gga shows off her latest ink. It's based on a drawing by Tony Bennett.

These shots aren't quite as revelatory as Gaga's no makeup, Miller Lite selfie from last month, but it's good to see the Mother Monster back to her old tricks. We're sick of the self-acceptance, positive message BS. We want Gaga sleazing it up all over Manhattan like she used to!

In case you were wondering (you weren't), the trumpet tattoo that Gaga and her friends are all rocking is based on a drawing by music legend Tony Bennett.

Gaga and Bennett gave a surprise performance at a high school in Queens earlier this week. 

So we guess she's do-gooder by day, torn-fishnets-dive-bar-strumpet by night. We'll take it.

Jump into the slideshow above to see some highlights from Gaga's epic night out. And check out the gallery below to be reminded of just how weird this woman has gotten in the past:

Lady Gaga: Tattoo, No Top!
Lady Gaga gets a huge tattoo, and no pants or top are being worn in the process of her getting it. Pretty great.

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let's wonder: when will she visit the jungle & stick with her friends in the trees?

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