Lady Gaga: No Makeup, Miller Lite and the Best Instagram Photo Ever!

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Lady Gaga has shocked us with a new Instagram photo. We know, that's a rare feat these days from Gaga, and that she achieved it with this of all photos is ironic.

Check out her looking like a bona fide country girl out in the woods!

Lady Gaga, Miller Lite

It's hard for Gaga to surprise us, ever, but sitting in camouflage vehicle, in overalls and little to no makeup, and drinking a Miller Lite beer? She has gone and done it.

Aside from Kate Middleton or Kim Kardashian, fewer celebs seem more out of place in this situation than the Mother Monster, but we're loving her for it.

And giving Taylor Kinney credit for bringing out this side of her.

After years of seeing Gaga in elaborate costumes, writhing around naked and/or drenched in bodily fluids, what a great change of pace this is. "Applause" from us.

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I think this is a nice picture of her. Maybe not something that ones does in real,life, but for Gaga who is usually hiding her face and wearing next to nothing, I like this.


This does not look like a current picture....she is heavier now. In this picture she is very thin. I would think this is a lot earlier in her career.

@ barb



............don't drink & drive.

@ Mister+Baja

Especially when you're sitting in the passenger seat!

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