Kim Kardashian Wedding Guest List: Who's Invited?

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The Wedding of the Millennium between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will have a different feel than her last one, when she swapped vows with Kris Humphries.

Remember that?

First of all, we strongly anticipate Kimye to last more than 72 days. Second, it's not engineered solely as a Keeping Up with the Kardashians storyline.

The whole Kardashian clan will be in Paris for the soiree, however, making this a family affair. In that sense, Kim's guest list will look a lot like 2011's.

With Kourtney Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner by her side, Kim will be bringing a heavy dose of familial girl power.

The one son among Kris Jenner's six children, Rob Kardashian, "wouldn't miss this for the world," says a source. "He won't miss his sister's wedding."

Nor will Scott Disick, who may opt out of a family vacation or two ... or every one he possibly can worm his way out of, who are we kidding, people.

Not this time, though. Even Scott is stoked for Kimye's nuptials.

Disick will serve as the perfect escort for his kids Penelope and Mason, who will likely be a part of the wedding, along with Kimye's own spawn North West.

As for Khloe Kardashian's rapper beau, speculation over whether French Montana will attend the wedding is already underway. Consensus? Maybe not.

"Khloe is enjoying her time with him but she may honestly just want to spend that weekend in France with her family," says a source close to Kardashian.

Her ex-husband Lamar Odom will totes be there though. Just kidding. LOL.

Kris and Bruce Jenner, despite their own separation, are a given. "We're all so happy [about the wedding]," the family matriarch tells People. "Everything is good!"

As for non-family guests, Kim's BFFs Jonathan Cheban, Brittny Gastineau, La La Anthony, Joyce Bonelli and Scheppy all seem like virtual locks.

Ciara, who is expecting a baby boy, will likely miss the affair, and close Kanye pals Jay Z and Beyonce aren't going because of the wedding hoopla.

Who else do you think will show, and not show? Will they recreate the royal wedding kiss? Will Kanye cap off the night with a Kim Kardashian sex tape?

Sound off below on all things Kimye!


Yeah her face do not look right. All 3 photos up top look like 3 different people.


It is a waste to spend all their money on this absurd wedding. Look how much they could have done for the homeless people with the money they are spending. WASTEFUL!!

Geronimo smith

I sure hope that Bruce Jenner comes to the wedding, even though BITCHY Kris said NO in the beginning. Beyonce/JayA not showing up, like they haven't had the papparazzi before, very IGNORANT excuse indeed. I only HOPE that Prince William/Kate DON'T make an appearance, and I highly DOUBT it anyway, because if they did, the TWO of them would STEAL all the attention from the wedding DUO. I sure hope it ISN'T televised either, because if Kim has ANY brains, she won't let this wedding turn into a CIRCUS like the last one, being added to the *KWTK* SOAP/FIASCO. As for Victoria Beckham, she is sticking to her business mind, and not anything else. GOOD for her, because when as ANYONE ever refused a Kardashian, EXCEPT for Lamar Odom.. I wonder if he will show up, in the **METH** mode. Anything could happen there.


Who cares!! I wonder if he notices that her face has changed at least 4 times since he started dating her!


Im just waiting to c how long this marriage is going to last for her.

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