James Franco Selfies: What is This Guy's Deal?!

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We're gonna come right out and ask: What the heck is James Franco's deal?!

The actor has been sharing some interesting pictures on Instagram lately, but the one he posted Thursday night was ... well, you gotta see it to appreciate it.

Visibly sweaty, James Franco is seen sporting nothing but a pair of low-riding white boxer-briefs, his hand suggestively grabbing / covering his junk:

"JUMP ROPE" he captioned the photo, perhaps explaining why he's so wet.

We don't know whether to believe that, or why he'd feel compelled to ...

At a certain point trying to analyze anything James Franco does is a fool's errand, but his behavior has certainy become stranger than usual in recent weeks.

He shared a similar James Franco nude photo in bed just last week, as well as another picture of him snuggling with Pretty Little Liars star Keegan Allen.

The weirdest part? These photos all come in the wake of his mini Instragram scandal, where he was caught using the social network to hit on a teenager.

What do you think of his latest racy snapshot? Is it doing it for you or no?

Sound off on what you think of Franco's revealing photos below:


He looks a lot better with his shirt on
Leaves more to the imagination...


Get a girl friend, a boy friend, a hooker, a blow up Doolittle, get a friggin life. You are starting to look like a creepy loser trolling the net.


Earth to James...check those meds now! There's a definite "Amanda Bynes vibe" coming off these selfies.


Franco can do no wrong, I love all his suggestive pics, he's gorgeous. If you don't like his pics then don't follow anything he does on social media. He is sexy and he isnt gay even if he is so what.


He is absolutely, completely horrible now, both physically and in his apparent personality. I used to think of him as a handsome, interesting, quirky guy who I actually enjoyed reading about... now he might just be the most disgusting celebrity...ever. Sad.

@ Elena



He's gay. Period. And it takes one to know one.


He looks like Robert downey Jr in some of those pics.

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