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Seemingly out of nowhere, Floyd Mayweather came out this week and said Shantel Jackson got an abortion last year.

The boxer took to social media – Facebook and Instagram, to be exact – and said he broke off the couple’s engagement last year because Jackson aborted the pair’s twins against his wishes. 

Mayweather even posted a photo of an ultrasound as proof.

He has since removed the items, but it’s now clear what set Floyd off in the first place: Jackson is dating Nelly!

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An insider tells TMZ that Mayweather feels “betrayed” because Nelly is a member of his inner circle.


The athlete does now realize that he crossed a line by actually posting Jackson’s ultrasound, but he just couldn’t control his anger.

Shantel should count herself as lucky, we suppose.

In the past, when Mayweather could not control his anger regarding the opposite sex, he assaulted his ex-girlfriend and landed in jail for 90 days.