Miley Cyrus Mourns Dead Dog, Is In "Unbearable" Pain

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Miley Cyrus is not in the mood to Twerk, pose topless or spit on any audience members.

Her dog has passed away.

The 21-year old announced the sad news via Twitter last night, telling followers:

"I don’t wanna say it because I don’t want it to be real… But my precious baby Floyd has passed away.. I am broken."

Cyrus later added another photo (above, right) and another Tweet, making it clear just how difficult this event is to deal with.

"I know I don’t mean it but I wish he would’ve taken me with him," she wrote. "this is unbearable. What am I gonna do without him?"

Cyrus owns multiple dogs and has always been open about how much they mean to her.

On her 21st birthday, Miley did not celebrate with a photo of herself downing champagne or blowing out candles on a cake. She posted a picture of herself and her pooch and wrote:

"I love him soooo f--king much I can't stand it."

We send our thoughts and prayers to Miley during this tough time.

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The society for prevention of cruelty to animals should intervene and investigate Miley Cyrus. She is seldom home to manage the care of her adopted animals. She is an admitted user of illegal drugs. Molly and peyote are illegal. She smokes marijuana nonstop. One of her dogs viciously killed another and then 18 months later another puppy dies in her home without explanation. Quit pitying Miley and rescue the innocent animals.


I usually can't stand Miley. I find her to be absolutely nauseating about 95% of the time. But I feel for her right now. Losing one's beloved pet is so painful and I, like so many, have been there as well. About 5 years ago, I lost my cat of 15 years and I couldn't even get out of bed. I actually went on antidepressants to help me get out of the deep hole I had fallen into. After about a year, I started having these dreams that everywhere I went there was a little black cat following me, and then a few weeks later I went to my city's annual arts and jazz festival and there in the SPCA's adoption set up was a little black cat. She was pushing herself up against the sides of the cage and begging for attention and love. I took her home with me, and her love is what ultimately pulled me out of that dark place that the death of my beloved pet had brought me to. I knew she would have wanted me to be happy. I hope this happens for Miley. I may not like her music or her antics but there sure are plenty of animals out there who need good homes and can fill her heart and life with love and she can do the same for it. I wish her well in this. <3

@ Shannon Heffner

I also am not a fan of Miley. In fact, I was invited to see her here in Boston tonight and refused to spend a nickel on her.
I feel her pain though about her losing her pet. Very sad, animals are awesome. I just went through this same heartache last Monday and had to put my dog down. I still cry and feel so empty....I know that it will take time before the pain lessens....I hope the same for Miley. I also hope that her performance in Boston doesn't suffer for the sake of her fans.