Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 14 Recap: All in the Family

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This week's Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 14 saw the team in crisis mode, as Abby Lee Miller had to come to terms with her mom's declining health.

Will this make her see that everyone's valuable because they're her "family" or will she still strive even harder for the perfect team at any cost?

As the team arrives, Holly asks about Mrs. Miller and learns from Abby that she is not well. Mackenzie, meanwhile, has Abby direct a photo shoot.

As the pyramid starts, Maddie, Mackenzie, Kendall, Chloe and Nia are together on the bottom, while Kalani is on the top due to her overall high score.

Then Abby announces she is holding auditions for a second team, which will not necessarily replace the original girls, but compete against them.

Even in her emotional state, her eyes are on the prize. If you watch Dance Moms online, you know to expect nothing left from Abby Lee Miller.

Abby then tells the girls about her mom. Melissa thanks Abby for letting her be a part of her family's life. Maddie and Chloe, crying, get hugs from her.

No rest for the weary, though, in Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 14. Abby composes herself, announcing that Kendall will have a solo to "Dream It."

Meanwhile, Nia will do a solo to "Damsel in Distress," and Chole and Kalani will have a duet to "For You Too." The group routine: "Bollywood and Vine."

Nia works on her solo and is looking great so far, but Holly fears that Nia is discouraged because she hasn't placed in competition or had many solos.

Kendall is nervous, and Jill NEEDS Kendall to beat Nia. Abby holds auditions for Mackenzie's video, Chloe gets cut and Maddie is named an assistant.

There's a lot going on as you can tell. Holly gets the girls to share good memories of Mrs. Miller and leads a time of prayer and meditation for her.

In Ohio, the duet is up first. Chloe and Kalani perform together well, Kendall looks beautiful, the musical theater number is cute and Nia does it justice.

They all do very well. At awards, the girls tell Abby they won, but their minds are elsewhere. Christi sees the day as more about Mrs. Miller. And she is right.

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