Miley Cyrus Keeps Spitting on Audience Members

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Miley Cyrus has moved past Twerking and on to spitting.

A few days after hurling some saliva-laden water all over concert concert goers in Milwaukee, Cyrus didn't just commit the same act in Atlanta last night.

She proudly put it on display for all to enjoy!

Miley Cyrus Spit Take

"#fuckyeahatlanta," Miley captioned the image above, with props needed to be given for the photographer's timing and clarity.

Cyrus, meanwhile, is still on her Bangerz Tour, but now has a few days off before showering more fans with her spit.

She plays in Montreal on Saturday; then in Toronto on Monday; then she's back in the States and off to New England next week.

As gross as some may find her water-spewing antics, it's hard to get too worked up about them when compared to such stunts as going down on a Bill Clinton impersonator.

Here's a look at a handful of other shocking Miley moments:


Those concertgoers won't forget that Miley Cyrus concert for the rest of their lives. GROSS.


Considering the age of her audience, I suspect they think it's a badge of honor getting spit on.


I wonder if she knows (or cares) that's illegal, that spewing body fluids is a type of assault.


I suppose the young people who attend her shows thinks this is cool.

@ Spare+Me

More disgusting than it is cool.


She needs to learn how to swallow.


Wonder if anyone in the audience will sue her for 'contamination sickness' ? Seriously spitting on her audience is so disrespectful. Now I just pity her.

@ melboypete

It's also illegal to spit, pee, toss $h!t, whatever, at someone else. Don't think so? Try doing it to a cop.

Carl robbins

Sooo in your esteemed opinion, what is wrong with the fans (perhaps billions worldwide) like myself who love her?

@ Carl Robbins

Well, how much time do you have?


You know you are about the most crude disrespectful human being you used to be so awesome and people looked up to half the world thinks your a whore and the other half are just as idiotic for liking you at first I was like everybody needs to stop hatin on Miley let her do her....but damn your stunts are just getting to be rediculous I mean why the hell are you begging for ATTENTION girl do you not REALIZE you are FAMOUS how much more attention could you PATHETIC and I know my opinion doesn't mean a DAMN thing to you because I'm just one person but IDGAF and I pray to god you see this and it hits some sorta nerve cause all MOST PEOPLE CAN THINK WHEN THEY SEE YOU IN THE NEWS IS WHAT SHE FO THIS TIME OR YOU HAVE GOT TO GE KIDDING ME! Honestly grow the hell up and stop striving for attention you have enough of that shit save it for someone who doesn't get any!!! DAMN!

@ Jessica sjoblom



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