Emily Goodhand: Is Dean McDermott Mistress Even Real?

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True Tori is scoring big ratings for Lifetime, and viewers have been captivated by the dramatic attempts of Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott to save their troubled marriage.

However, holes in the couple's story have led many to wonder if Tori and Dean faked his affair in order to secure a reality show deal.

Some have suggested they even went so far as to create a phony mistress with the curious name of Emily Goodhand. 

Go ahead and do a Google image search for Emily Goodhand photos.

You'll find lots of Tori and Dean tabloid covers, but not a single pic of anyone who's confirmed to be Dean's cheating partner.

A thorough search for Emily on all social media sites turns up only one person who even comes close to the description and location Dean provided for Emily and that woman has stated repeatedly that she never met Dean.

So it's possible Ms. Goodhand is just living off the grid in a tree house somewhere, but in 2014 would it even be possible to hide from a full-blown media manhunt for this long?

Conveniently, Dean's imaginary friend is said to be living in rural Canada.

Tori and Dean probably think that's a perfect explanation for why she's been so hard to track down, but really it's a story that smells as fishy as when your high school friend claimed you can't meet his girlfriend because she's traveling the world doing supermodel stuff.

Tori has explained before that there's big money in making up plotlines for "reality" TV shows, and the Spelling-McDermotts have openly discussed their financial woes in the past.

So the motive is clear and it looks more and more as though Ms. Goodhand exists only in the minds of Dean and Tori, but one question remains: couldn't they have come up with a less hilarious name for a mistress?

Check out our gallery above for a rundown of the damning evidence against these two and read our True Tori recaps to relive the drama of Dean and Tori trying to lie their way to a second season.


I doubt this woman Emily is real. If Bill Clinton the President of the US couldn't keep his mistake from the public how the heck can Tori. if the woman is real she would be on everywhere online in media. If it does come out this was all lie the kids will be the ones who suffer growing up seeing all this when they get older.


Mentally deranged couple. Hope they get caught in ALLtheir lies.


The whole thing is funny, the other woman is a wife and he is cheating. Stay married.


Tori was in Canada with Dean when the "affair" happened. They saw the press they got with them having an affair.


Good hand is real.. Some call it lefty, righty, but each to their own. Dean cheated with his Good hand. Lol the one Goodhand that can be seen on google, twitter and facebook was married in Sept. She posted what she was doing in fb during the time all of this took place and it looks to me like she was enjoying the Holidays with her husband. I was starting to ting she was lying about being with Dean until I saw her fb.
That girl, "whoever it is" didn't scrub their history and go into hiding. She is supposed to work in a professional field, and I don't believe she's going to shut down all networking sites to hide from a mistake. Especially when Dean, himself, ran to the cameras immediately. If any of you have seen the one photo that supposedly linked to Emily's deleted facebook.. That photo is clearly fake. Very distorted, possibly even created with two or more peoples photos. What 28 year old would post that messy photo on social media? None! Liam's birthday was staged, the real birthday theme was posted on Tori's site. His b-day was a month earlier. I don't believe a Tori is passive.. She's clearly controlling. The entire show was fake.


I'm just not feeling it for Tori. She knew he was a cheater. She's a cheater. I feel for the kids but when she is crying because her whole fairy tale marriage isn't what she wanted it to be. Tori says, "How could this woman just break up this marriage for a two night stand?" Tori you broke a marriage and a family. Until you acknowledge this on "your" show, I have no sympathy for you. At least Dean is trying to make it work. He didn't with his first wife and child.

@ JerriWright

I agree with you, the poor children...Tori is one to talk, she was married and she cheated on her husband with Dean....plus how long is she going to drag this drama out and humiliate and punish Dean on TV? Plus the name Emily Goodhand? Now I am wondering if this is a scam for poor little rich girl to make back all the money she inherited after her dad passed away....wth did she do with all of that money she inherited? Either way I think Tori should stop airing her dirty laundry and get on with life and focus on the present time with her children, Thank God she is not pregnant, she isn't a very responsible parent...


I think Tori did the show to get back at Dean (If it's really real).
Very clever of her.


Whether this story is fact or fiction, the ones I truly feel sorrow for are the children. They definitely didn't sign up for this. Like Deb said, putting the kids through all of this is disgusting! Parents are often so wrapped up in their adult problems that they fail to realize that their children are the biggest victims in all of it. They're truly innocent. I think that if this storyline is true, then the children are watching as their family, very publicly, falls apart. If the story is false, then shame on Dean and Tori for putting their kids through this charade. I think it could be a form of child abuse. The choice to rid your kid of the chance of having a happy childhood by putting them in such a highly emotional situation for the almighty dollar is just downright wrong. Sensationalizing a bad situation may make it more TV-worthy, but children deserve better lives.


I really don't think this should all be played out on camera. This is nothing NEW! Many couples go through this all the time and I am sad to say that I DO think it's a ratings scam. They are both are not great actors, but are low on money. I also heard that the ratings for "Chopped Canada" have gone higher. I'm sure the emotions are real when they have their "blow-up" moments. But...how can this all be solved with cameras rolling? Not good for them or the four children.


I think Emily Goodhand is a slut breaking a beautiful family. She should've respected knowing that Dean is married to Tori. She is a wonderful wife, mother. Not being able to be intimate with her for being pregnant or once the children started to grow and not knowing Dean how a woman gets tired and you all you men just want for us to attend your needs always with out having any consideration towards our need.It is very inconsideret and selfish. How can you have the nerve Dean after cheating on Tori expect for her in three days to just sleep in the same bed as you like nothing happened. You should now give her time and space. If you want your marriage to work and be like it was. If truly you love her give her time to heal. You did wrong not her. She has worked hard for her family. Appreciate what you have. Don't hurt your family for a slut like Emily Goodhand which it looks like she has no moral.

@ Juana figueroa

it takes two cant put all of the blame on Emily Goodhand, Dean is just as guilty....also don't forget that Tori is no little angel....she cheated on her husband with Dean....plus this may all be a hoax to put money in their bank account, think about it, it is hard to find a photo of Emily, plus her last name, Goodhand? after all somehow they blew Tori's inheritance and they are broke...so I would not be surprised if this is an elaborate hoax to save their butts.....

@ Juana figueroa

How do you know if Tori Spelling is a good wife and mother? You rentin a damn room from her? Most of your posting was about woman being tired after taking care of their men and then men not having consideration towards their (your) needs. Okay, I get it. Since you got pregnant and had kids your husband is no longer intimate with you. Talk to a shrink about your marriage issues, don't post comments about Tori Spellings marriage that you know nothing of.

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