True Tori Recap: Dean McDermott Cheats on Tori Spelling, Says She Sucks at Sex, Etc.

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Tori Spelling is back with a new absurdly-titled reality series, True Tori, documenting Dean McDermott cheating on her and that scandal's aftermath.

Hey, you never let a good crisis go unexploited, are we right guys?

As any celebrity gossip reader knows (especially now that True Tori is bringing it back into the spotlight, rather than coping in private), Dean cheated.

Emily Goodhand bragged about it to the tabloids, which produced the obligatory headlines, and naturally led to the couple's latest reality series.

What better place to hash out their marital issues than Lifetime, which filmed Spelling about to go greet McDermott after several months of rehab.

On the True Tori series premiere, we pick up with her playing the wronged woman, the scorned victim, the one trying to hold their family together.

“Everyone told the story of my life, except me,” Spelling explains. “I thought our fairy tale would last forever. And then in one moment, everything changed.”

It's actually not as interesting as that synopsis makes it sound.

Spelling spends a lot of time showing us her ordinary life, as a mother and friend, her children and friend used as props throughout, as you'd expect.

If this is supposed to make Tori relatable, thanks for playing.

Eventually, we get to the defining moment where Tori and Dean discuss the affair, and how Tori can't give enough sex, and how it's not fantastic in his mind.

Their therapist remains anonymous, so an on-air script is used as the mediator and makes the whole thing even more chopped together and awkward.

Clearly, Dean knocking her up four times in seven years is not helping his quest for more than one below-average bone session every two weeks.

The therapist says as much, and boy, Tori lays it on thick.

Worrying about paparazzi snapping pics of her crying one minute, tearing up for maximum effect while berating Dean the next, Spelling is something else.

Will they make it through this? Does anyone really care?

For the sake of their four (!) little kids, we hope the family gets to a better place. There's a sexual middle ground to be found, right? Give a little, both of you.

The developing sTORI continues next week ... yawn.


I don't know what to think other than I feel sorry for Tori because it seems she is the main breadwinner in the family having to resort to making all those reality shows and that along with having 4 small children probably is very stressful.
Her mom has hundreds of millions of dollars and I think its a shame her mom doesn't help out. The least Candy could do is buy Tori a house so those kids don't have to be moving from one rental home to another.


Earth to Tori!!
I seriously believe that you have the wrong ideas about fairy tales. Your childhood being brought up in one of the largest homes in California, was a family tale. Being the daughter of well respected producer Aaron Spelling and having socialite Candy as a mother was a fairy tale. Being thrush into employment at an early age (possibly because of your father's clout) and being able to make a fortune at such a young age without No indications of the economic pressures that confront every day people in everyday circumstances.
You were given away by your father in a fairy tale wedding that brought out some of the most famous people in the film and TV industry. By all indications, your young husband adored you, and all but begged you to try to make the marriage work. Instead you (evidently) you thought that Dean was worth losing everything that you were so blessed to have bestowed upon you.
Most of what I am mentioning here is Not just my opinion, but a short recap of what you have written about your life in recent years through books and countless magazines cover stories. In just about every outing with Dean, you were constantly showing public displays of affection. I can easily believe that your 4 beautiful children is just one of the motivational reasons for you to quit the scorned woman/sympathy act. If he cheated with you when both of you were married at the time, and willing to walk away from his family for you.
Stop and think,
If he could leave his wife and child for you, what makes you think that your so-called fairy tale was for real because you have these 4 children with him. Dean was Never your fairy tale. You chose and still chooses to think that he is. There is still a lot of wealth at your disposal and it has Nothing to do with Dean. Your parents had a long time commitment in their relationship. Taking up with Dean while still married to your husband was Not the fairy tale that you want to believe it was. Take Care and PEACE!!

@ Leo

Leo as much as I love Tori I have to say that you are spot on with your comment. It is so and it just goes to show how we allow ourselves or convince ourselves to block out our "Lovers" past mistakes and when it happens to us we act like "What how could he do this to me" Again well written Leo....

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