Cynthia Bailey on NeNe Leakes: Shady and Two-Faced!

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We now interrupt the insane drama between Kenya Moore, Porsha Williams and Kordell Stewart to bring you another Real Housewives of Atlanta beef:

Cynthia Bailey vs. NeNe Leakes!

The ladies trade barbs on part two of the sixth season's reunion show tonight, as evidenced by the clip below, and it gets pretty heated between them:

Cynthia Bailey says of her co-star, with whom she has memorably feuded before:

“I don’t even know at this point, if she’s aware of how she can just be so shady. On her blog, she’s going in on me, but if you say anything about [her], she feels attacked.”

Host Andy Cohen asked, “So you’re saying, she can dish it but she can’t take it?”

“Listen, I write a blog, and I say how I feel,” NeNe Leakes said, unapologetically.

“It’s shady,” Bailey insisted, referencing one of the season's most awkward moments when Leakes called Bailey’s husband Peter Thomas “a damn b!tch.”

"If I’d have said ‘Gregg [Leakes], you’re acting like a b*itch!’ ... I do not think we’d even be having a conversation right now,” Bailey said of NeNe's hypocrisy.

Leakes warned that Bailey’s hubby should stay out of drama, not stir it up.

“My husband doesn’t need to get between me and you. If your husband has got a problem with me, he should tell you, and then you can tell me," she said.

"I don’t know what you want from me,” NeNe said in vintage NeNe fashion.

“I want the same respect that expect from your friends," Cynthia replied.

You can see the fireworks for yourself tonight on Bravo or watch The Real Housewives online at TV Fanatic after it airs ... hopefully we won't see a repeat of this:


Some people have forgotten how Nene got close in Kim's face and pointed her finger in her face. Also, Nene is supposed to be against violence, especially since she was previously in an abusive relationship. However, on the aftershow (part two) while arguing with Kenya, she said something like "Don't let me call Porsha". What???? WHAT A HYPOCRITE! How phony can she be?? To Nene: Nene, please go back and watch how you acted on the reunion shows -- rolling your eyes and pursing your lips. Don't you know you are an embarrassment not only to women of color, but to all women in general? (I am not even going mention Mama Joyce. Wow, sadly, that is an entirely different story.) You used to be my favorite. Now, you are my least favorite. You might have made a lot of money (which you are always commenting on) but you have lost a lot of important things - - your heart, soul, and respect! What a mess! But I do, however, wish you all the luck in your future endeavors. To Cynthia: PLEASE don't let Nene pull you down to her level. I'm not talking about money-wise. I'm talking about as a decent woman.


I can only say when it comes to reality show that display more VIOLENCE than laughter, it should be a serious wrap for that show. Also, what does any of these reality how bring to the viewers in a good way. NOTHING but VIOLENCE,and more VIOLENCE. Think about it all everyone. Next people will be getting killed on these shows.


Though Kenya states she doesn't condone violence in any way, shape, or form, she forgets that verbal bullying is a form of violence and what she did was no more acceptable than what Porsha did. Kenya is a mean, spiteful person who took great pleasure in belittling a much younger woman as well as assaulting her with props that a grown, supposed mature woman would never have brought on stage. If violence needs to keep someone off that couch, then Kenya needs to go home. Being a bully is just as violent as pulling someone's hair.


Both Nene and Cynthia are Two faced and Peter Needs TO STAY OUT OF THE WOMEN FIGHTS AND STOP JUMPING IN THE OTHER WOMEN FACES LIKE HE WANTS TO FIGHT LIKE A BITCH. They have a name for Old Ass men always in women bullshit it's called Bitch Ass


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Corletta hardy

The RHOA ,I donot promote violence,Kenya were bullying Porsha when she first came on to the show.Kenya still continue to bully Porsha .Kenya has a mental problem needs to be on medication.Her aunt needs to get her some professional help,unfortunately Iam sorry that Porsha attack Kenya ,I wish she would have stayed in her seat and made better judgements.No one should cause another individual toact out of character I teach this to my grown children all the time donot let no one cause you to misbehaved or act out,People look at this and for as Cynthia & NeNe I never care for Cynthia I donot know her but I think she is a phony and she is very Two Faced,NeNe I do like NeNe is truthful and she will hold her self up like a lady and she will tell you the truth if she said it and she will tell you to your face.NeNe is a real woman ,Phadera is a southern bell ,she can hold her self ,Kandi I like kandi she is real also can hold her self as well ,Kandi is always trying to lend a helping hand to help someone .Porsha is going to be okay a lot of prayers going out for Porsha she was very good in the Musical that Mr.&Mrs.Todd Tucker presented.Porsha will bounce back from this Porsha just were bullied by Kenya and Porsha cup was fill .Kenya is a messy metal young lady that needs medication &counselor.


Will Porsha ever recover from NeNe Leakes covering her mouth, and keeping her hands on her face. Will Porsha ever recover from being down on that floor with her hair and made up doll appearance just lying there reliving the embarrassment of her knockout behavior towards a person she could Not stand. Will Kenya Moore be enlightened to the fact that maybe she should change her ways or possibly seek employment where she does Not have to be surrounded by a group of cackling hens who despise her.

Corletta hardy
@ Leo

Leo ,yes Porsha will recover I think NeNe for putting her hand over her mouth.Thats what friends will do is come to one another side and help.I applaud Nene &Phadera for helping with Porsha after this incident.Kenya needs to be on medication something is wrong with Kenya ,she is abandoned by her mother and I think that plays a lot into her behavior that why she cannot get along or connect with the ladies.Kenya feels threaten by these ladies or jealous she has never learn how to interact with ladies.Her aunt should get her some serious medical help.Kenya is going to destroy her own self.Kenya is very messy these ladies are not cackling hens.Kenya have name call and through shade at all theses ladies since she been own the show .Re watched it from when she first appear own the show.Leo you will see why no one cares for her.Kenya is a loony tune,

@ Corletta Hardy

Not sure why Cynthia' bama ratchet ass thinks she is. I have always found her to be disingenuous, and desperate. Who cares about her silly, pointless, story line, with her nosy, jobless husband. If you felt disrespected by the friendship, you should have spoken up, like you did when you are being your truly rude self. You are phony and disconnected, and should exit stage life. I could never respect you thinking Cray-Cray Kenya is your friend, you look like a fool.

@ deb

nene is scumbag

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