Cynthia Bailey on The Real Housewives of Atlanta Brawl: I Don't Condone Violence, Period

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Cynthia Bailey is opening up about one of the most notorious Real Housewives brawls of all time, having enjoyed a front row seat for the epic melee.

As you're well aware if you saw The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion, Kenya Moore needled Porsha Williams relentlessly on a number of topics.

Eventually, Porsha just snapped and beat down Kenya.

While NeNe Leakes was quick to defend Williams - or at least place equal blame on Kenya for baiting her - Cynthia is trying to remain more diplomatic.

“I don’t condone violence, period,” Bailey blogged. “As dramatic as the reunion can be, I always look at it as a time for closure, as well as new beginnings.”

Spoken like someone who's more on Team Kenya than some others we've heard from in recent days ... but also doesn't want to be quoted as such.

Despite Bailey’s optimistic attitude, we don't see this ending well and all parties returning for the next season in mood to make nice and start over.

After all, the short but brutal fight ended with Leakes physically sitting on top of Williams and holding her hand over her co-star’s mouth to subdue her.

The fight resulted in Kenya Moore playing the victim, Porsha Williams charged with battery and whole lot of ratings for the #1 Bravo reality series.

Take another look below, then choose your side ...

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Kenya needs to be the bigger person and tell Nene Porscha and Phaedra to Kiss her Black Ass


Kenya needs to be the bigger person and tell Nene Porscha and Phaedra to Kiss he Black Ass


Who's TEAM AM I ON!!! TEAM CYNTHIA!! she is the only one on that show who is compassionate,smart, and has a beautiful soul..


People just discust me here. The both of them were wrong, Kenya and Porsha were both verbally attacking each other. Yes, Kenya should have not been using props, and it should have been taken away. Facts remain you don't put your hands on another human being. I see so many comments about how Porsha beat Kenya a$$ down. Seriously do you really think that Kenya couldn't have whooped Porsha A$$? Kenya once again used her brains, not her bronzes and Porsha just fell into it like an idiot. As for the other housewives of course they won't back Kenya. Phaedra is a nut bag who thinks she a southern bell and her kids are prince to Atlanta.. Who does that, especially when you have a "CON" for a husband. Honestly Phaedra brings absolutely nothing to that show. Now as for big mouth Leaks, she is so damn irritating. Nene thinks she makes the show HELL NO, she looks like a horse, acts like a horse. As for her putting her 2 cents in with Kenya of course she saying mean things she got to take all the lime light off of herself when she put all that shad on with the pillow talk episode.. No, No Nene horse face, viewers won't soon forget your ignorance as well. People just amaze me on here. It proves that people cannot think for themselves and they just follow the flow. IF ONE person says your wrong then everyone else follows.. Lookj at the facts and have an open heart rather you hate a person or not.. THEY WERE BOTH WRONG!!! BUT NEVER PUT YOUR HANDS ON ANOTHER HUMAN BEING.

@ kehau

Kenya is messy & always provoking peo


Kenya , had it coming " she's a snake " ,just so happens to be " Porsha " to be the one; bold enough to give the trouble maker what she deserved !!! What goes around will come back at you twice as fold " Kenya , got her ass pulled across the floor like the trash she is !!! For her to be a former " Miss USA " what a poor contribute to claim when you don't even carry your self as a " Queen " ...


i want to know while andy did not have the camera in the room with kenya as he was talking to her because she was not hurt and no one seen her and then when he went into porsha room the camera was there is it fair and now ay he think porsha should apology to kenya for what


Cynthia needs to STFU with her scary azz. Kenya provoked Porsha, had plastic Kenya been on the street and that happened someone would have stomped her in the she is lieing about he dog, I don't believe hes dead.......


She's Team Kenya..oh really? Is that why she appeared nervous and was backing away when Kenya was waving the wand in front of her and towards Porsha? Did she appreciate it when Kenya was screaming into her ears with the blow horn? She's not insane is she or is she? Oh yeah and speaking of violence....In case she forgot ...her loser husband Peter held down Brandon at the PJ party so that Apollo could beat the daylights out of him. Peter and Apollo should have been thrown in jail for that.
But like she said ..she doesn't condone violence. Whatever, Cynthia. She should just STFU. She comes off sounding like an idiot.


Cynthia is such a WIMP I dion't think she woukd stand up for herself. She has let Peter really act like a B**** all season without saying a word. He's been in everybodies business, when he should have been RUNNING or SAVING his own business.


i'm usually team Kenya but she does pick on Porsha a lot, it's not a good idea to provoke people to that point.

@ Tasha

Please don't give up being #TeamKenya...I watched the show again and Kenya was talking to Phaedra when Porsha jumps in and starts saying she knows a friend of a friend who knows for sure Kenya's man ain't real. Why are people forgetting that Porsha said Kenya's vagina is rotten that's why she can't keep a when she responds with WORDS all of a sudden she was provoked...NO! that's not right. she can use her words,but Kenya can't. That's not right.

@ keepingit+100

Exactly. Porsha has provoked Kenya plenty of times. Porsha is not a victim. People are playing favorites and I hope the courts don't. Everyone that has committed assault says they were provoked. Plenty more that committed murder says the same. Where does it end? what happens in cases where there are no cameras to catch who was provoked and who was not, it will depend on how many friends you have to lie or twist things around in one's favor. This has too many connotations to be switched around on anyone that I hope the courts will see through the popularity or favoritism judgement.

@ Tasha

She didn't provoke Porscha she know how Kenya is she wanted to hit her that's why she stood up she was calling Kenya out her name and when Kenya called her a dumb hoe she got mad cause she knows it's true.

@ Shanta love

oh yea shanta love, kenya provoked Porsha and she deserved more of a beat down than she got.

@ mscharley

Getting mad when someone talks back to you after you slammed them is not an excuse for hitting them. Porsha has made Kenya mad the same and said some vile things about her to her face. The other ladies especially Phaedra are happy because she is still mad and embarrassed Apollo is attracted to Kenya. Kandi's ex was killed in such an altercation. Assault leads to other crimes. This type of excuse is what Zimmerman used to go free.