Porsha Stewart BEATS DOWN Kenya Moore at Real Housewives Reunion Taping

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Ding! Ding! It's apparently on between Porsha Stewart and Kenya Moore.

According to Us Weekly sources, “there was a physical altercation” between these two Real Housewives of Atlanta cast members during a taping of that show’s reunion special today.

Just how out of control did the brawl get, you ask?

One basically went all Chris Brown on the other.

"Porsha beat the crap out of Kenya, dragged her across the stage by her hair, and gave her a major beatdown," says the source.

You can watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online (via TV Fanatic) to see the kind of tension that has been building between these women for years.

Way back in November 2012, Moore referred then-newcomer Stewart  as "naive" and as a "heifer," going off about about the new costar within minutes of meeting her on Season 5.

Moore also pissed Porsha off by suggesting that she was a beard for estranged husband Kordell Stewart, from who Stewart has now split and around whom gay rumors continue to fly.

Porsha Stewart Red Carpet Pic
Kenya Moore Red Carpet Pose

(UPDATE: The fight started because Kenya taunted Porsha with some sex toys.)

Moore told Us Weekly a short while ago that she has a tendency to "[lose] her cool" and "[curse] somebody out."

But, based on this report and the alleged winner of their fight, it looks like she chose the wrong somebody.


Team PORSHA HAS won final second around we should celebrate PORSHA'S fight club we get some drinks on and we go crack up some hip hop music tunes no more robot dance for Cynthia bailey she needs to make her body sexy bad attitude mama Cynthia bailey she needs bring her sexy attitude booties in fight club dance I can bring mines in tonight honey


And Bentley car wherever I don't trust Kenya being negative about it she don't have support or insurance or job or grocery shopping or bank account that's being lazy negative wherever she don't do something that's not fair I don't care about Kenya she's dumb heffa I only care about PORSHA Kenya make hard decision about herself being negative can't understanding the communicating to be disobedient harsh on people feelings is not nice way she don't care about people feelings got hurt that's was hurtful being mean shocking understandable friendship being mean to their friends break them apart I feel bad for housewives of Atlanta other cast mate friends don't care about Kenya anymore and I don't care about her either i want to say thank god to PORSHA for beating Kenya fake ass she's not irrelevant


I'm on team PORSHA boo I think Kenya needs to get off the show I don't care about what Kenya says to PORSHA I think is not good idea to make any excuses for Kenya's behavior over pushy the anger management right in front of PORSHA I know PORSHA is struggling and hurt and stubborned I feel sorry for PORSHA she is my favorite girl she has feelings for people who loves her like Nene and Phaedra and candy and Cynthia I don't appreciate Kenya's behavior acting mean to PORSHA end of circumstances I love PORSHA she's honesty person and comfort one other she's sweetest person I never met she will never get fired from housewives of Atlanta she will stay on housewives of Atlanta Kenya should never fired PORSHA to get off the show she will stay on the show forever Kenya should be fired and to mind her own business worried about her own man instead of worried about PORSHA'S nobody cares about what Kenya's says she is not nice is there no way she can't be friends with Nene and Phaedra and candy and PORSHA and Cynthia they are both of my peeps and my folks and my boos nobody mess with my boos I telling you with one thing because is true I wish I will come to housewives of Atlanta next year season to see my boos instead of Kenya I will knock her smile off her buttocks cheek bones Instead of talk about my boos watch it I don't have to bring my big guns muscles waiting for ya I can fight I will hit her so hard I don't play I don't play with Miss USA America wherever she is I don't care I'm new baddest toughest fighter diva girl housewives of Atlanta cast mate on the bravo housewives of Atlanta this season I'm the boss businesswoman who work all of the places in town companies staff of businesses I will comfort my housewives of Atlanta friend I hold her in my arms lay her on my chest to hide her tears in to her eyes is going be alright love I'm go hold her back from the fight don't let Kenya say anything about you I will not let the monster miss USA come between you talk about your marriage character Ex husband Kenya don't know nothing about no housewives of Atlanta women's marriage she needs to worried about hers she's poor she don't have no money to buy her fake boyfriend Walter apartment and her child support and the baby


Porsha should have whoop Kenya ass! She went to far keep running her mouth! Porsha is very sensitive about her marriage she is hurt! I think Kenya and the man ( punk) who host the show is their fault! He part the blame as Kenya ! He allowed that bullshit to go on! Pointing shit in Porsha face! Dam right! Porsha whoop her ass again!

@ Blanquita

Kenya deserved what she got..her wand jamming in Porshas face plus the stupid bullhorn was rediculous..what was wrong with Andy to allow that kind of disrespectful actions to Porsha.Kenya has been a liar and troublemaker on the show from the beginning. All the real housewives shows have the same theme..Andy get some new writers..it's getting boring snd tiresome..I know I don t have to watch..so I won't be..get some real housewives who take care of their families..they are the real ones


she beat her down


First off stop hating on Kenya porch a needs to reevaluate her life she's a hot mess Phaedra man wants Kenya Steve wonder could see that and if I'm not mistaken Kenya stepped to appolo for lieing about Kenya wanting him or him saying he can have her please come on when they went to Mexico and Kenya walked pass his ass he was staring at her she told him to go back down by the springs and take pics with his wife smh Phaedra know her man ain't ish and NeNe need to go sit some wea with that stuck up ish enough is enough ! That is all # boom


Nene sit your old ass down somewhere. ..
Cynthia grow some self respect. ....
Phaedra kick apollo to the curb.....
Kendra stop being a whore............
Porsha stay strong & beat Kendra's ass every time you see that whore.....
Kandi you can stand up to your mother & keep Todd & your self respect. ....
Mama Joyce sit your ass down & let Kandi be happy....Just because you don't have a man, don't wish that on your daughter..And stop being so disrespectful to Carmen you know she can beat your ass, but out of respect for Kandi she is holding back...Keep pushing her & see what happens. Just like Porsha snapped on Kendra Csrmen might snap on you..Watch out.


Team Porsha -that's right if you can't stand the heat get the f##k out the kitchen Kenya you think you can severe it but this time you got served..I ain't mad atcha Porsha......


Good for Porsha Kenya is just evil and had it coming! They should fire Kenya she's a fake and a poor excuse for a human being!


I don't think it should have escalated into them fighting , acting like kids ,But I am going to say "The hell with Porsha, NeNe and especially mush face phaedra!....I'm all for my girl Kenya Moore,And will never put someone down thats from my home town, phaedra wants to jump all down kenya's throat about Apollo sneaky ass! I'm like this "check your man boo!

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[to Kenya Moore] You best hope nothing happens to me, because you might not have a job. I'm your storyline. I sustain your career . . . I built you, so stop playing games.

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