Oprah to Lindsay Lohan: Please, Cut the BULLS--T Already!

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Oprah Winfrey is not in the mood to take crap from this hot mess.

The mogul, who's producing a new Lindsay Lohan reality show, gives the notoriously flake of an actress the business when she starts reverting to her old ways.

While the gravelly-voiced Lindsay gave her usual line about how this time is different, Oprah sees through it, telling her "you need to cut the bulls--t, you really do."


Speaking for an entire nation, Winfrey can’t hide her irritation after learning that Linds canceled shoots with her camera crew shortly after exiting rehab.

“This is exactly what everybody said was going to happen,” Oprah lamented after being told of Lindsay’s latest, not-greatest antics, “I believed differently.”

Winfrey added to Lohan, sternly, that “My truth is that I really do want you to win. I really do. If that isn’t what you want, I’m okay with that."

"I will tell these guys to pack up and leave.”

Will she have to make good on that threat?

Check out the clip below and tell us: Do you think Lindsay can get it together this time? Or is she incapable of turning around her erratic, troubled life?

Lindsay Lohan: Can she stay clean this time?


Dear Oprah.... Why on earth in the first place you want to waste your time to interview her knowing the fact that this trash will NEVER LEARN coz she is her own disappointment to herself but no one else.. If you think that you can boost up your reality show's rating that you are once very wrong to choose her to do the interview....sorry :( But that is so true!!!!!!!!


Oprah is in a win win situation, not so Lindsey. No matter which way the tide turns Oprah has a show, which will probably be more popular if Lindsey relapses and returns to her heavy partying ways. Lindsey only wins if she stays clean no matter how much money she gets doing this.


Wow! You wrote exactly what the previews said. I thought I was getting some gossip.

Damon craven

Although it's nice that Oprah believes in Lindsay, it should've been cut and dried. Oprah should've sat Lindsay's ass down from the get-go and told her "Look, I understand that you're having problems and whatnot but listen here, I'm trying to give you a chance to get your shit together because the way things are looking for you RIGHT NOW, you have no career basically. So if I were you, I'd get all these enablers and whatever else out my life because you're practically getting a once in a lifetime opportunity, sweetie. And if I even so much as even HEAR that you're going back to your old ways, it's over.
You're not going to screw around with me and my money because just like it can be given,it can be taken away."


I thought this time she might... Sadly, don't think she can or cares to.


I hope Lindsay makes it. I fear she won't. she's stuck on self destruct. She believes she will fail, and she forces herself to do just that. She needs mental help to get past it. And Yes" Oprah is exploiting this crazy girl for the money. She isn't trying to help anybody. A LOT of people will watch this show. Lindsay can draw a crowd. I pray she makes it.


Is it sick that when Oprah curses it turns me on??


ahhh is this a play by play of the reality show?? then all this is scripted to get attention-otherwise they would be hiding this-really Okra?? you are stooping to Kardashian tricks to get someone watch your reality show for Lohan??


Lindsay Lohan looks like a drunk hobbit it's so funny how certain celebraties don't know how to spend there money and at the end they look all fucked up like this.

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