Kate Gosselin B--ches Out Kids at Demi Lovato Concert, is Totes Mom of the Year

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Poor Kate Gosselin is NEVER going to win the mother of the year award.

Especially if she doesn't stop screaming at her kids in public.

Radar Online is reporting a fellow concert-goer in Fairfax, Virginia, got all the dirt on Kate's latest eye-opening behavior regarding Cara and Mady:

"We were at the Demi Lovato concert on Sunday night and had just entered the building and were browsing the merchandise table," says the insider.

"I turned and saw a girl who looked familiar but turned away and didn’t think much of it. Next thing you know we heard someone yelling, ‘You both need to come back here now!"

"'Get over here and stay together! Where are you guys going?!' I turned around and lo and behold, it was Kate Gosselin b--ching out the twins."

"The girls seemed embarrassed and their faces were pleading, ‘Please don’t know my mother.’ They looked deflated. Myself and two friends were shocked and appalled."

Not only was Kate yelling at her kids, the source also reports she was holding hands with her bodyguard and rumored boyfriend Steve Neild.

"They are most definitely a couple and were NOT trying to hide it."

Well at least Kate had a nice time. She got to combine two of her favorite activities: yelling at her kids and keeping her 15 minutes of fame going as long as possible.


The bodyguard should have been looking after the kids no? Holding their hands instead of Kates? No reason for her to yell at them if the supposed bodyguard was doing his job.She's nothing but a whore, always has been.


And why is that being a bad mother? I have have two teens and at a concert like that I would want them to be within sight of me as well. It is called being vigilent and a parent. I guess we should all let our teens go to clubs, smoke week, drink and sleep around. I suppose I should count myself lucky that I am not a known personality because the tabloids and press would dubb me as a horrible parent as well. I always know where my kids are and with whom. I am not afraid to yell or discipline my kids. I don't really have to very often but taking their phones and grounding them isn't corporal punishment. Give this woman a break, she is a parent not their bff.

@ Barbra

Kate has not changed. Still the shrew. We saw her scream from across Toys R Us and and other places, as well on the show. No, there is nothing wrong with keeping your children in sight. That is a good parent. Screaming at them from a distance, and we know how she screams, was disrespectful to those present and her girls, who are now teens. All she had to do was walk over to them and instruct them to stay with her. I sincerely hope you don't scream or discipline your children in full public view. I don't care to go out and witness that. When my children misbehaved in public, they were removed from the public eye, at which time I spoke with them sternly. Anybody who screams and/or is belligerent in public is making a fool of themselves and disrespecting those around them. Kate thinks she is above everyone and can do whatever she wants.


Ummm shes not doing anything different than most mothers would do. Those kids are famous. I would be scared too if I was kate and I would let them know it. I mean come on you tabloids treat kate worse that China's leader. She not that bad. Those kids are going to fine. Probably turn out better than most of Hollywood's kid's

@ guest

No... most mothers do not scream from a distance in the midst of a crowd at a concert, at 13 yr olds no less, who were in the presence of their peers. We have names for women like that.. She keeps that up and she will have some very insecure children. And maybe if she didn't seek out the infrequent TV opportunities and magazine covers, her kids could go out and not worry about being "famous". Still, doubt many of the teenage girls there knew who the twins were.


you still get the picture?

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