Justin Bieber Penis Video: Approved for Release!

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Prepare yourselves, Beliebers.

You will soon get a look at Justin Bieber's penis.

With the Miami Police Department already having released footage of Bieber being searched and Bieber taking a sobriety test the night he got arrested for DUI, a judge has now decreed that surveillance footage of the singer urinating should be unveiled to the world.

The singer's attorneys argued in court that video of their client peeing behind bars should remain private, but William Altfield ruled yesterday and determined:

"The court finds that images of the defendant while in custody at the Miami Beach Police Department are relevant to the public's right to know."

So, when will this Justin Bieber peeing video be released?

It's unclear, but the judge made a point of noting that it includes "an image of the defendant's genitalia."

Sadly, however, Altfield also ordered the court's video technician to blur "the image wherein genitalia is observed" because Bieber "retains his expectation of dignity."

Darn it, right??

A status hearing is scheduled for March 11 in Bieber's DUI case, which also includes a charge of resisting arrest without violence and driving with an expired license.

The Miami PD, meanwhile, released a number of Bieber booking images yesterday, most of which focused on the artist's tattoos:


I love Justin bieber

@ aaliyah Louis

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Honestly, i dont think we need to see him peeing or how he pees. The video's not even worth being shown coz its censored! We wont even know how big his dick is!!

@ Nadz

your a little perv


the only reason hes doing that is because he want selena bak without her he is miserable


justin bieber was a faggot before, now he's a huge faggot!!!

@ ass queefs

He's not only a faggot but he is the biggest bitch that has ever lived!!!


i find it wierd that the police would take pics of his tattoos hmm makes u wounder if its a big stunt

@ tony

No because if you get arrested they ask you to show them your tattoos incase you break out or "change your face" or anything like that they let the media know that this person has tattoos......where ever they are

@ tony

They take pics of tattoos because they keep a database of identifying marks on criminals. It makes it easier to ID someone in the future.


I like job he sexy and all but he needs to slow down his roll just a little. Just say n:-)


Foreal roreal justin need to calm down he mightvbe famous and all but he does need to stop before he go to a place he dont want .... So if really want advice from me calm down or u want have any fans left but me ...we love h justin but for us calm down


He is one little b****.


''relevant to the public's right to know'
WHAT? How is it relevant for the public to see him urinating?


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