Farrah Abraham Before & After Plastic Surgery Pics: What's Up with Her Face?!

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Farrah Abraham looks a lot different after plastic surgery. To say the least. Her nose, chin, forehead ... you name it. This is not the Farrah of Teen Mom fame.

The Farrah of Backdoor Teen Mom fame is gradually but noticeably turning into Kim Kardashian (or Heidi Montag) before our eyes, and it's a little scary.

We're not just talking about the similarities between the Kim Kardashian sex tape and Farrah Abraham sex tape/porno. She's starting to look like Kimberly:

Farrah Abraham Before Plastic Surgery
Farrah Plastic Surgery Face

Her hilariously fake boobs have obviously been reshaped ... but her face!?

The picture on the left, as noted by Fishwrapper, was taken by photographer J. Anthony, who had her model for a motorcycle-themed shoot back in 2011.

Three years later, on the right ... comment rendered unnecessary.

We realize she was 19 then and is 22 now, and that's a significant portion of her still-young life ... no one's face changes that quickly from age alone.

This is what identity-altering plastic surgery does to you, people.

Seriously. If it weren't for these awesome photos of Farrah Abraham crying through the years, we'd swear this was actually a different human / blow-up doll:


She's only 22 now? I would guess the right side photo is of a 35 year old! By the time she's 50, she'll look 70.


Her teenage dream died, you guys! It was her teenage dream, and it, like, DIED!


What did she do to her face!? All thats missing is a wart on her nose and shes a witch!


She looked so much better before. I was STUNNED when I saw her getting botox & fillers on her recent show. I have daughters around that age & NONE of them nor any of their friends have ever even THOUGHT about doing that. That's for women MY age. She's obsessed & will never be happy with herself. It really is scary to think what she'll look like in 20-30 years. She should have left well enough alone.


simply more flesh on the bones.


She looked better, before. Also she will hate she did that to her face when she gets in her middle age years, taking out the fat in your face makes you look older than your years, as you age.
Full faces represent youth. Those gaunt faces make you look older, as you grow in years.


She spent thousands to look like a camel. A college fund for her kid would have been better. But then Sophia's future is not so bright considering whi is raising her.

@ Real+parent

She already has the money for Sophia (her child) to go to college btw.. And Sophia's not necessarily doomed because of her mother,

@ Haz

How do you know she has Sophia's education taken care of?

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