24 Reasons We Kinda Want to Punch Justin Bieber

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Disclaimer: We do not wish Justin Bieber major physical harm or trauma, nor do we advocate violence as a general rule. But he needs to get roughed up a little.

Not enough to break any bones or send the kid to the hospital or anything, but some scrapes and bruises here and there to knock some sense into him?

Someone needs to whip the 20-year-old's formerly squeaky-clean rear end into shape, and soon. He's still young enough that he may be salvageable.

Or not. His downward spiral is bordering on epic and not showing any signs of abating. But we'll never know if we don't try. Tough love can go a long way.

Here are 24 reasons Justin is due for minor-to-moderate ass whooping, which we'd be happy to administer. How about you? Click through and tell us:


Seriously?!? This is probably the stupidest article ever. Half of this are opinions and the other half are ones that where ones that "sources" said. Get over this bs on Justin Bieber. Like he is the only one to act this way


How about getting your facts straight before posting things like this? Why don't you talk about positive things like how he helps build schools, donates to charities, visits sick children, and stays strong through all the hate he gets? Because you'll never be as successful as him? Hating only makes you look bad.


You guys are so rediculous. You believe the media & just make it worse . This is how you guys make money, by bulling someone. I'm not saying all his actions are good . All I'm saying is your like obsessed with him. This is all I see. Drop it , and let him make the millions you don't. And I love how you don't point out all the good he does, charity's , build schools . You guys are disgusting. Celeb or not , it's still bullying .

@ Kay

No one is rediculous....its not a word. Its RIDICULOUS


And no: 3 "bragging" about taking Gomez's virginity. That came from RADAR ONLINE, or as they are otherwise known liars.com

Free britney
@ Rowan

Ok. 12 reasons then


What's not "abating" is the bullying. We get it, he's messed up. But the pile on is getting boring. Give him a fucking break.




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