Rabbits SWARM Tourist on Japanese Island: Watch, Be Amazed Now!

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Forget the Kim Kardashian sex tape, folks.

This is the video you positively need to watch.

A young tourist was recently out for a walk across the Japanese island of Okunoshima when she ran into more rabbits than Justin Bieber has joints in his tour bus.

The bunnies are tame and friendly and have taken up residence on Okunoshima because a few were brought there many years ago when the Japanese wanted to test mustard gas.

We're not kidding. This footage is totally bananas (totally carrots?). Whatever you want to call it, stop what you're doing and watch the video now:

Whatever's happening out there, those bunnies appear to be reproducing like ... well, you know. At least they appear cute and nice enough. BUT FOR HOW LONG?!

This makes these crazy cat videos seem tame by comparison, huh?


they know how to fool naive americans for sure!!


Looks like part of the old ugly men of the media, Ted, Rupert, Roger, etc. who think if enough rabbits stalk girls, it will turn them into a young stud, but doesnt happen. They are just loser with task forces after them for being old ugly stalking losers, who think they will be dating models, but not such luck on that either, not one is that desperate.


They should take those rabbits from Okunoshima that were put there to test for mustard gas, and put them at Fukishima to test for radiation. They should be put to good use, in testing for Japanese screw ups.

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