Svend Steensgaard, 91, Deadlifts 286 Pounds: Watch Now!

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By the time age 91 rolls around, most people are either barely able to life themselves, or just long gone. But Svend Steensgaard is clearly not most people.

In the below video, Steensgaard deadlifts 130 kilograms (over 286 lbs.) during the Danish National power lifting competition. Impressive does not do it justice.

The footage, taken just ahead of the 2014 Masters Weightlifting competition, is followed by Steensgaard's exhausted collapse at the end. Don't worry, he's okay.

And he'll probably whomp your behind for even thinking otherwise.

Seriously, The Biggest Loser trainers have nothing on this guy.

In what might be the most obvious fact of all time, Steensgaard is said to be the oldest power lifter in the history of the International Powerlifting Federation.

To Svend, age is but a number, just like the insane kilos he lifts.

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