Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher: ENGAGED!

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Two of Hollywood's best looking people have apparently agreed to join forces and become one of Hollywood's best looking forever couples:

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are engaged!

E! News confirms that Kutcher popped the question to his beautiful girlfriend, citing a large diamond ring on the actress' finger and a source who says the pair have made it official.

Mila and Ashton

Kunis and Kutcher met years ago on That 70s Show and went public with their romance in April 2012, a few months after Ashton split from Demi Moore.

If they make it to the altar, which we'd have to assume is likely for two people who were best friends first and have known each other forever, it'll be Mila's first marriage.

They have scarcely talked about the romance and avoided any major red carpet appearances together, but talk of a wedding has been ongoing for a long time now.

There's also been chatter that Kunis, 30, wants to have a baby in the near future. Kutcher, 36, was stepdad to Moore's children but has none of his own.

We can't comment on that possibility, but we can send our best wishes to the couple. Hooray for them, and for these others who make us believe in love:

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If it was not for Demi, we would not even know the name Ashton Kutcher. He will do it to you Mila.

@ Rose

Rose...I totally agree!!!!! And, remember...Ashton cheated on Demi with that Sara Leal bimbo. Bottom Line here: Mila deserves WAY BETTER!!!!!


He had one beautiful woman and he cheated on her. Once a cheater always a cheater...and this creep is really into himself....Mila deserves better....


What If? They were together all the time. He didn't know it would take years before he could leave Demi without destroying his career. Just pretending Mila was w/McCully(spell? as a cover and keep her off the market. W/McCully knowledge of course. He didn't start cheating on demi until Mila/McCulley broke up. Her way of letting him know she was tired of waiting and his way of letting her know the marriage would be over. It just seems this whole thing was weird. I can't imagine Mila w/that little creepy guy all those years w/out a reason, it's not like the guy was still a big star.


Mila deserves WAY BETTER than Ashton!!!!!


Didn't they date on That's 70 show too? I didn't watch the show that often but if that's true lol!!




and he is still this ugly? come?

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