Farrah Abraham Ducks $1 Million Lie Detector Test Offer From Vivid, Hides Behind Lawyer

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Farrah Abraham is apparently not interested in making an easy million dollars to back up the supposedly tragic story she spun on VH1's Couples Therapy.

The Teen Mom star turned Backdoor Teen Mom star has a ... complicated relationship with the truth, as Vivid Entertainment CEO Steve Hirsch knows.

That's why, after she claimed she was drugged and raped more than once while promoting the first Farrah Abraham sex tape, he called Farrah's bluff.

Take a polygraph that confirms this, he said, and he'll give her $1 million cash. Fail it and relinquish past and future Backdoor Teen Mom royalties.

Her response?

Farrah Abraham Cries on Teen Mom
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No response.

Her attorney said, "At this point in time my client has no comment to the offer made by Vivid. That is all the information I can provide you at this time."

That's it.

"This is exactly what I expected from Farrah," Hirsch said in response to the inevitable non-acceptance of Vivid's $1 million offer to its cash cow.

"She’s a fraud. We know she loves money, but once she gets called out she’s afraid to respond. First you can’t stop the lies and then you can’t find her."

Simply put, Hirsch says, "she’s incapable of telling the truth." He's not wrong, considering she condemns and profits from her porn career in the same day.


Anyway, she lies like it's her job ... which is lying in a different sense, if you know what we mean. Or riding, to be more accurate. Okay, this is getting awkward.

If you must, scroll through some NSFW images from the first and second Farrah sex tapes below, or follow the link for this (really NSFW) trailer.


Ok Michael....I do believe that you're daughter could claim to be abducted by aliens & you would back her up & say that you saw the spaceship. Unbelievable! You KNOW Farrah was not raped. If she had been, why is there no police investigation? You mean to tell me that she would NOT report it thus leaving a rapist on the streets to do the same to other young women?? REALLY?? If she were raped in that atmosphere, (strip clubs), by "bad people" in her life, she obviously knows who they are. So why never t have them arrested?? And what "TRUTH" are we waiting in to come out?? Either she was drugged & raped or not. There's not much wiggle room on that one! Farrah has simply gone too far with this new lie. You're daughter is sick. She is a habitual liar & her lies have made her a JOKE. What is it going to take to wake you up & get her out of the public eye & get her some legitimate help? Wasn't it enough that she lied about you BEATING her? And now RAPE? This is getting scary, Mr. Abraham.

@ babs

@babs. Michael Abraham Rants on evry site. Its easy 2 tell his posts from his self rightousness Usualy he guilts us on what will hapn 2 us our death beds cuz we say the truth bout bout his daughtrs lies & nasty raunchy behavior. So dont let him get 2 u. The apple doesnt fall far frm the tree in the stupid dprtmnt. They both cant evn apply the english language or grammar either. #pathetic


This stupid whore, who would rape this ugly twat? Her next vid will have her getting gangbanged by a bunch of niggers, she needs to do an animal sex tape too, I want to see a horse ass-fuck her


When the real truth comes out.... People will change their minds about Farrah... And taking a lie detector test is no proof of anything. Lie detector test aren't used in court and can be manipulated ......they are not a valid method of truth or fraud... And Free Ashley is not an easy 1 million $$$ ...


Well i have since the Teen Mom series, with Farah first started thought that she would end up accusing her dad of some form of child abuse.She always called him by his first name, Not dad


This whole show is fake and directed. These poor people are reality stars this is how they make their money. When something doesn't go their way on the show they threaten to call their managers. If you would like an eye opener, go to Yelp. com and type in Dr.Jenn's name. Every review is "one"star. That should tell you something. Read the reviews-you'll see


Farrah is a Habitual Liar and I couldn't believe how on Couples Therapy the Therapist acted as though what The Liar was saying was the truth. The Therapist should have takenFarrah to the nearest psychiatric hospital instead of feeding off of that crap she was saying. Everyone in the group saw right through Farrah's lies. My new name for Farrah is Psycho


easy money for honest people.


Farrah is a pathological liar who burns every bridge she crosses. She uses and abuses real rape victims when she lies about her rapes. Her parents continue to enable her especially her father who I predict will be accused of child abuse once farrah needs more attention. I'm a parent and if my kid did the things this monster has done, I would walk away. She is dangerous with her lies.


Since Farrah is also Always throwin her own mom undr the bus w/false accusatns of physcl abuse & monetary abuse, on every TV show she's on , I vote that Debra write a tell all book bout Her trauma of raisn Farrah. A daughtr so unapreciatv, self absbrd & self destrctv. Ppl would buy it 2 read the truth, FINALY!! Farrah has writn her off anyway & wont let her see Sophia anymore, She also had no qualms havn her own mom thrown in jail unfairly.


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