Farrah Abraham Offered a MILLION DOLLARS to Back Up Rape Allegation With Polygraph Test

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Vivid Entertainment CEO Steve Hirsch has thrown down the gauntlet, calling out Farrah Abraham for her myriad fabrications and telling her to put up ... or pay up.

The Backdoor Teen Mom star has been outspoken about how her sex tape "ruined her," how she never agreed to the just-released sequel, and much worse.

Hirsch isn't buying it, and wants her to stop the sob stories ASAP, as they're bad for business, not to mention reprehensible, given what she's alleging.

Farrah Lies

In response to comments on Couples Therapy that she was raped and drugged multiple times during her PR tour for her first sex tape, Hirsch proposes that:

  • If she takes a polygraph test producing positive results indicating this is actually true, Vivid will pay her $1 MILLION for having endured this.
  • If she fails the lie detector test, she forfeits all future royalties and must repay what she's already made from the Farrah Abraham sex tape.

High stakes, and not a chance in the world that she'll accept, because it's Farrah, who rakes in the porn cash while bashing the industry in the same breath.

Still, Hirsch's offer reiterates how confident he is that her rape claim is BS, which he matter-of-factly said in an interview while presenting the polygraph idea.

Hirsch said he was there when Farrah was promoting Backdoor Teen Mom, and that she had a blast with the events and people from the adult industry.

The Vivid CEO also expressed shock that Dr. Jenn Berman, VH1's respected Couples Therapy therapist, has been "taken in" by what Farrah is spewing.

Bottom line: Expect Farrah to decline this offer, continue to say she IS NOT A PORN STAR, then call Steve every three months for her royalty check.

NOTE: Follow the link for the NSFW Farrah sex tape trailer.


That's classic "Put up or Shut up"!


She's a pathological liar. And yet the problem there is that many people like her are Sociopaths - and Sociopaths pass Lie Detectors with flying colors as a lie is the same as the truth to them so there are no changes in their body to read. They're usually much better liars though, she's usually way too easy to see through so she probably is just a selfish lying b-word, and not a Sociopath. Still I'd be careful with the offers just in case. In no way do I believe her story, but in case she's one of those liars that can pass a lie detector she could make so much money out of this one...


what a shame


what a shame


Dang, this broad is in deep a$$ trouble (pun intended)! U cant mess w/deep pockets like Vivd Farrah & cnstntly LIE!! BTW, they're also making her show out, braggin dream come true by havin her very own "Trilogy" out soon. They're releasing a 3rd "up the butt porn" ala Farrah Abraham (c:TMZ). Guess this is what hapns when u take ur dad & 4yr old baby girl 2 ur porn contract signing, cuz she's only getn paid 4 the 1st 1! PS Mr Brian Dawes is also sueing her 2day 4 defamation re: the "mental breakdwn" she claimd he had & "thats why he didnt continue on Coules Therapy" w/her LIE. Wonder if Dr Jenn is still coddling her & her evil charades now? Her rep as a doc is ruined!

@ Karma3

I wish I could take your opinion seriously, but your blatant disregard for the English language just makes me pity you. Didn't anyone ever teach you how to read or write? I've seen better posts from 13 year olds on Facebook.


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