Dylan Farrow vs. Woody Allen: Who Do You Believe?

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For a scandal in which there are no legal consequences, now or ever, the Dylan Farrow-Woody Allen saga is dominating headlines this month.

Farrow, 28, was jointly adopted by Allen, 78, and former partner Mia Farrow, 69. She says Allen molested her in the early '90s, when she was 7.

D. Farrow
W. Allen

Allen denied the allegations then, but they resurfaced this winter after Farrow penned open letter to the N.Y. Times recounting her father's molestation of her.

The famed director has reiterated his denials, blaming Mia for coaching Dylan, making up untrue stories and fostering a lingering resentment of him.

Dylan immediately countered that Woody Allen is a child molester and he can say whatever he wants, but the truth is on her side and she won't be silenced.

Which seems to be her endgame. Allen wasn't prosecuted in 1992, though Farrow claims there was probable cause, and he will not be in 2014.

The widespread acclaim of Blue Jasmine and his iconic career in general seems to be the impetus for Dylan, who feels her story mustn't be forgotten.

Who to believe? We'll likely never know for sure, as both sides are adamant and unyielding in their positions in this decades-long blame game.

Hit the comments below to share your opinion at length, and vote in our poll: Who do you think is telling the truth, Dylan Farrow or Woody Allen?


I'm not a fan of this guy at all... I did note that he passed a lie detector test in the period of time this accusation took place, and his challenge to Mia Farrow to also take the test was refused by Mia. Whatever one may think of Allen, Farrow is not entitled to any halos.


Woody Allen has no credibility with me based on his history.


This is a difficult one because how can we decide who we believe, when we don't actually know the truth? It would help if the girl had nothing to gain in all of this, but unsurprisingly, she's calling herself "an actress." So that's where it gets difficult to believe her story. If she just came out, told her story and wasn't playing the fame game it would be a little more believable.


I have doubts about the mentality or perversion of Soon Yi. She grew up w/farrow as her mom. She slept w/her mothers man, her father. It's not like he's to handsome to resist. Knowing what he is, she adopted 2 little girls. How perverted is she. He might have married her to keep her mouth shut about what really went on between them.

@ guest

Good point.

Larry loomis

Vanity Fair stated several known facts about the case that are not disputable and one of them is the fact that Woody, prior to Mia tossing him out for taking those nude pictures of Soon-yi, had been in therapy to address his weird obsession with Dylan. Knowing that, you would pretty much have to have that disturbing Hollywood mindset, that overlooks any sort of deviancy if you are part of the A-list crowd.


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Why would she lie? And, her mother's age is 69 (as much as you want to not admit you know about the perverted number, you do and have been on the internet) so it wouldn't be odd she'd marry a pedophile. YOU KNOW WHAT, WOODY POODY? I NEVER WATCHED ANY OF YOUR MOVIES! I HATE YOU! YOU ARE F LIST!


What's in it for Dylan to lie? Nothing. Even though he may not have molested his long time lovers daughter, he is at the very least, an immoral fuck, to marry her. This pervert destroyed so many kids lives with his fantasies, that he should go straight to hell. I don't give a damn how "talented" he may be. I have not spent one dime to see his movies and NEVER will! There are too many other talents to watch. What the hell is wrong with Hollywood? What a morally corrupt society. That they constantly look the other way for these freaks is dispicable. What a bunch of hypocrites. Oh, and another thing....we really don't need to see your gross love fest of the awards "season".....every weekend. Ego season is more like it. Diane Keaton singing "Make New Friends" had me running to throw up.


There's no possible way for me or anyone commenting to actually know what happened on August 4th 1992, however I'm a firm believer in innocent until proven guilty. On the other hand if it is shown that Dylan's story is what happened, I will be the first one to come out and say that I was wrong and that Allen should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

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