Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber: Camping in California!

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From cuddling to camping...

A few days after Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez cuddled together in an Instagram photo, sources confirm to TMZ that the reunited couple spent even more time in close quarters.

The singers hung out all weekend inside a luxury RV near a beach in Santa Cruz, California. They reportedly were chaperoned throughout the adventure by Justin's dad and a few bodyguards.

  • It's Justin Bieber!
  • Selena on Tour

And here's an interesting tidbit: the RV used by Bieber and Gomezis owned by… Chris Brown! It retails for over $1.5 million and it has a large master bedroom.

You don't wanna imagine what the pair was doing in there, do you?

Outside the vehicle, onlookers say Bieber and Gomez jumped on trampolines and rode around on Segways, which is the same thing they did earlier last week when talk of a reconciliation first started.

We've gotta admit... that's adorable.

Are you glad Jelena is an item again?


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..........let's hope his nanny is around to help him, folks!!

@ Mister+Baja

vaca nu faci la gata raluca

@ Mister+Baja

da casa nu raluca faci


Well, I can't say I didn't expect it. The worst artists get together. I bet they're plotting on which bad song they're going to make next. Or maybe they're going to make Selena a movie. I'll list our top possibilities: + Selena and Justin make a new song together and it gets more likes than dislikes. It wins the competition for most liked video on YouTube. + Justin makes his new movie longer and gets fake views using some third-party website and/or app. Selena plays the act to think because he's really popular, she should like him to get hater publicity (no publicity is bad publicity.) + Selena says Justin and her had sex (again) for the Jelena couple to get more attention from celebrity gossip forums, fans, and more people. Then, Justin says to the media she was just jealous of him having sex with another girl, a non-celebrity, and so she said that they had sex when they didn't. That brings them more attention, but attention as in Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social network cat fights. + Justin gets someone in for a makeover to look like him (possibly a model) and they take a naked photo of him. Selena goes with the act that it was sent to her on a text, and like the Dylan Sprouse situation, except a bit different, someone hacked her phone and put the photo all over. People claim they can't find out who this girl/boy is. + Selena and Justin get someone to snap a pic of them hugging and put it on one of their Instagram s, Facebook s, etc., but then Selena/Justin hugs someone else (a non-celebrity so the identity stays a mystery to the people who see the photo after seeing the pic of Selena and Justin) to get attention. There's way more. List the ones you think of. XOXO.

@ Lily H

nu nu nu raluca nu ko

@ Lily H

gata da casa mama nu ko hai raluca da faci


Lil Beebs has gotten so much bad press the marketing agents had to bring Selena back as damage control. Wait for her to develop an eating disorder due to this manipulation.

@ Ken1

Wow you got that right about Selena. I just hope she doesn't turn into another Demi Lovato...