Rich Kids of Beverly Hills: OWNED By Bethenny, Audience!

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It's almost as though E!’s latest reality show #RichKids of Beverly Hills was designed to generate negative attention, and this week, Bethenny Frankel obliged.

The show, which features five kids born into insane wealth parading around the titular L.A. suburb, made its debut on Sunday and Monday to major buzz.

That buzz was not what you'd call positive, by and large, for obvious reasons, and when the five cast members stopped by Bethenny, they heard about it.

While the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills did get some support (“We can’t hate you because you were born rich”), it’s clear this show rubs most folks the wrong way.

On Bethenny, it was revealed that star Jonny Drubel thought the average household income was $100K and that the average toilet paper roll was $10.

When he tried to defend himself saying he'd have no way of knowing that fact, Frankel replied “but you wipe your ass!” and the floodgates opened.

Some choice comments from the talk show host's crowd:

  • I don’t understand what story you’re trying to get out.
  • You’ve had everything handed to you.
  • You’re eating off a silver spoon.
  • You’re a bunch of brats.

Pretty much. But they are who they are ...

Rosi guastella

I don't care about these rich clueless kids but I just hope this show gets canceled soon. Oh man, the show is just awful. Bethenny's awkward, vocally horrible and abrasive. How did she get a talk show? Seriously people! She has nothing of value, and yet she has a talk show? Why?


Duh.Apparently,Bethany and her audience like to state the obvious.Why would anyone be surprised that these "kids" seem out of touch?I would think that's why you would want to watch the show in the first place.


Bethanny was very rude to them and encouraged the audience to do the same! Felt bad for them. I loved #RichKids of Beverly Hills. Probably my new favorite show!

@ Jonathan

"Grouper" really, grouper? Bottom feeders. Have you even looked in the mirror. This is a total group of groupers. Hope you find purpose in your life.

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