Justin Bieber Laughs Off Drug Allegations, Is Just "On a Break"

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In the face of allegations that he's a drug addict who should attend rehab and is especially hooked on the concoction known as "sizzurp," Justin Bieber reportedly has a one-word response:


Insiders tell TMZ that the 19-year old finds this rumor hilarious. He doesn't believe he abuses substances in any way and simply sees himself as being "on a break."

The singer has no concerts or other professional obligations in the near future.

Of course, drug talk isn't the only concern for Bieber these days.

He may be charged with a felony after likely egging his neighbor's home. He definitely peed his initials into the snow in Colorado, with many onlookers watching in disgust.

He reportedly dropped 75K at a Miami strip club over the weekend... and he may have texted Selena Gomez photos of his penis.

And these are merely the latest Justin Bieber scandals!

Remember the baby daddy chatter from awhile back? The assault assertions? The dissing of Bill Clinton? Relive each and every one below:

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