Polar Vortex: Is It Coming Your Way?!?

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There are certain terms no American wants to hear: Tila Tequila sex tape. Kate Upon clothed. Justin Bieber retiring.

And to this list we can now add Polar Vortex, as areas across the Midwest and East Coast are becoming all too familiar with this frigid weather phenomenon.

A Polar Vortex is a whirlpool of freezing air and it descend upon various parts of the country today.

Those in Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin are experiencing subzero temperatures and more than a foot of snow. They are being encouraged to remain inside.

"It's just a dangerous cold," National Weather Service meteorologist Butch Dye says, referring to places such as Fargo, North Dakota, where the forecast is for 32 degrees below zero.

Frostbite and hypothermia often set in quickly at 15 to 30 below zero.

The weather is wreaking havoc on travel, as well, with thousands of flights canceled yesterday through Chicago, St. Louis and Indianapolis.

Attractions such as the St. Louis Art Museum and St. Louis Zoo have been closed indefinitely, while the Indiana Supreme Court is closed and even southern states are bracing for record-low temperatures.

There are endless snow days around the country, but let's hope those happy kids are bundled up to the fullest extend while they sled and play around. It's seriously dangerous out there.

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Thank God for the continental deep freeze. It is an overdue natural savior. It has basically wiped out the the deadly pine beetle that has destroyed British Columbia pine forests and was spreading like the plague to the east and south. Now it is dead in its tracks, saving millions upon millions of acres of pine forests across North America.
Also, hopefully, the deep freeze has done the same to the Asian Carp that threatened to spread into the Great Lakes and further across the continent, destroying marine life like nothing else has ever crippled it.
As well, other invasive plant, marine, reptiles and other introduced species that were wrecking the environment have probably been destroyed, or at least weaken severely, by the icy weather, further protecting what is left of America's natural environment.
Thank God for environment saving the Arctic vortex that people are stupidly complaining about. It is saving me/you/us.


Polar Vortex is an every year occurrence here in Quebec...