Pattie Mallette Asks Fans to "Pray" for Justin Bieber

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With her son seemingly heading down a path of self-destruction, Pattie Mallette has one thing to ask of Justin Bieber fans around the world.

"I ask that people keep me and Justin in their minds," the singer's mother tells The Sun. "I pray for him everyday."

Mallette battled substance abuse early in lif and is now watching as some insiders say Bieber should also be in rehab, citing his prominent use of marijuana and sizzurp.

"I think so many people go into the entertainment industry with amazing Christian roots and they get influenced somehow," Mallette says, blaming those in Justin's inner circle for his turmoil.

Mallette did not name names, but it says a lot when Bieber's closest pal, Lil Za, just got arrested for cocaine possession.

Bieber is accused of egging his neighbor's house, peeing his initials into the snow and dropping 75K at a Miami strip club... and that's in the last week alone!

"f Justin's struggling, don't kick him when he's down or condemn him," Pattie tells her son's fans and critics. "Pray for him."

We're certainly rooting for the Biebs to turn things around. As you can see below, this isn't the first time he's faced adversity:


Really people???? the little bitch needs a hard life lesson. His mom only wants people to pray for him because she loves his money more than him!!!!


She needs to do more than just pray for the little brat. Freaking do something about it. She's the parent! Act like one! Don't ask other people, who have no control over the kid, to do it for her!

@ peace+cooper

She is doing something, she's asking for prayers.

@ meredithsoriano

Stop drinking the kool-aid lady. Doing something means taking care of your your mistakes. And taking responsibility for HER mistakes in selling his sole.

@ tired

i would have put soul but he has none. just his shoes


Fuck praying for him, lets just sit back and wait to see what happens to the little bitch.

@ shank

Thats what the Devil would say.


It is sad and so disappointed with those young celebrities that try to grow up so fast and ended up going down the same road...'Trouble' Why?? Surely their family should guide them closely and make sure that they fully understand how the music/movie industries work. It is so stupid for these young and rich famous teenagers choose to do bad things one lead to another, if they keep doing that then bad things will keep coming, next will be greedy people find faults to blame on these kids and grab a piece of their fortune. Please wake up!


yep, to do a suïcide attempt these day's!!

@ Mister+Baja

That's cruel


Pattie Mallette should be kicking his butt silly instead of running her mouth and going down memory lane then doing nothing.


Biebers gotten too big for his britches. His mom Pattie is loony and keeps on babying the Biebs. He needs to grow up and quit being a bully. The egg stuff was all about him being a bully. Pattie and the Biebs knock people when they are down so take it back asses. He did the egg stuff cause he is a little shit who thinks he can buy his way out of anything. Spending 75000 dollars in one nite at a strip club, at that rate he is going to be broke soon. Stupid. He is acting like a loony Illuminati who is going to be bit in the butte.


If you see justin in miami today having fun and meeting fans you will see he's fine. If he is left alone by the dirt searching media and their stooges, the paps, he will be fine.


So where is Usher (his founder) in all this distruction. Maybe he shoulve signed with Justin Timberlake. I mean he is a kids in a big mans world with obviously the wrong rolemodels around him.

@ TMac

Obviously you are caught up in the hysteria against this kid being produced by half baked, false, or exaggerated reports in the biased non fact checking media.

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