Justin Bieber Charged with CRIMINAL ASSAULT in Canada

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On the same day his lawyer entered a plea of not guilty for last Thursday's DUI arrest, news has broken that Justin Bieber has been charged with criminal assault for an incident that took place last month in December.

Here is what we know at this time:

While riding inside a limousine last month, some sort of altercation took place between Bieber's entourage and the vehicle's driver.

Initially, a member of Justin's security team was believed to be behind the attack… but Bieber reportedly did not cooperate with Canadian officials when they asked to speak with him and they proceeded to turn their attention toward the 19-year old singer.

According to TMZ, a trio of witnesses spoke to the police and incriminated Bieber in some way, giving authorities reason to believe he physically assaulted the driver.

The star is being booked for assault, given a citation and will be released on his own recognizance.

Prior to this news hitting the wire, manager Scooter Braun asked (via Twitter) for folks to give his friend and client some leeway.

“for all those asking @JeremyBieber and @pattiemallette love their son. Stop passing judgement on a situation u dont understand,” he wrote. “i ask people to be kind and hope for the best in people. not assume the worst. thanks."

*No word from anyone in Bieber's camp in regard to these latest charges, with are just the latest in a LONG line of scandals that have hit the singer in under a year.

No wonder some folks want to deport Bieber, huh?

What do you think he should do now?

* UPDATE: Bieber's lawyer has released a statement in defense of the singer.


Beiber is great entertainment. My favorite is when he loses his temper at security guards out the front of an LA night club. This kid is Wild!!! Should be Viral!!! http://bit.do/BeiberRage_2013




hy howww


Justin needs to see a therapist and talk out his problems. He is really acting out and needs to go somewhere to calm down. I hope Scooter or someone else can help him. Right now he appears to be a risk!!!


Before there is media hysteria, as usual, over this case; keep in mind an assault is not, at least in this country, the same as battery which is an actual physical attack on someone. Even the limousine company said the attack was not by Bieber but someone in his entourage who lost control. Bieber apparently had words with the driver and since he probably rented the car and is the one with the money, they chose to charge him with the misdemeanor charge which could be dismissed with mere probation. So while all attention are focused on a young teen smeared and trashed by those that know little about him, rapists, murderers, knockout artists, terrorist, pedophiles, drug pushers can do their thing.


Okay, the Candian police are not sure if it was Justin or not that did the assulting. Justin turned himself in because he had a warrant for his arrest. They are still looking further into the investigation. Which I believe he's as guilty as the rest of the crimes he has committed. In the case of Justin Throwing eggs at his neighbors house, they are still unsure if they will press charges. As far as him being arrested in Florida for being irresponsible, we all know he is just being a little irresponsible brat. We all know this little boy is guilty. He's letting money and fame go to his head. He will continue to commit crimes and break the law as long as he can basically walk away the next day. Truthfully I think he should be deported back to Canada. He's no good here, let him go back home and cause trouble. But we know that his green card will never be revoked and he will be causing more trouble in the future.


well, it's getting better & better for him.
people almost see him as a smooth criminal. haaahahahahahaahahahahahaa!!


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