George Zimmerman Unveils Latest Painting, Rips Trayvon Martin Prosecutor Angela Corey

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When he's not busy getting arrested, George Zimmerman is honing his skills at painting, a hobby that's already proven lucrative for the former neighborhood watchman.

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    Way to check your sources..

    This is a repost from a satire site.


    PS- the only reason this prick is painting is because it's safer than that amateur boxing match with DMX he chickened out of. Zim can't handle a fight with a black man, a fair fight, unless he's got a gun (and the other guy doesn't). What a coward. That's why he's always physically abusing the women in his life, and threatening them with guns.


    Zimmerman is a monster and so is anyone who supports him.


    Wow people on here are really heartless and saying what they are saying he took an innocent boys life for what wearing a hoodie carrying a drink and skittels god for bid it was one of your children then the story would change may god have mercy y on your souls and zimmerman justice will be served when it come time to face God I pray for you all and I pray that the Martin family continues to stay strong and be at peace with there loss REST IN PEACE TREYVON MARTIN YOU ARE GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN YOU HAVE LEFT YOU FOOTPRINTS IN THIS WORLD BUT NOW GOD HAS A BETTER PLACE FOR YOU AS ANGLE I DIDN'T KNOW YOU BUT MY LOVE IS WITH YOU REST IN PEACE BABY


    Finally, an injustice partly reversed. Because of the rabid hate instigated by the lynch-mob mentality of the main stream media and nationally known race baiters (as well as politicals in high places), Zimmerman has not been able to earn a living as normal American citizens are afforded. Therefore, I think it's poetic justice that their actions have created Zimmerman's "notoriety" that is enabling him to benefit by their efforts to "lynch" him.

    @ Naomi Blue

    So you apparently approve of the murder of Trayvon Martin? "Race-baiting" is a term used only by racists.

    @ Natasha

    I would never approve of any murder. Martin was not murdered according to a legal jury in a court of law. Where is your evidence that"race-baiting" is a term used only by racists?


    This is just the beginning. He's not going to go away. Crump, Jackson, the martins. All of them will be put on display. Atta boy George. Karma.

    @ George Linard

    Everyone was making money off George. Now, George has figured a way to capitalize. I love it.


    "He is so pathetic"

    Snickers and the Martin Scheme Team are who is "so pathetic".

    In spite of a two year international smear campaign, George Zimmerman continues to win every round.

    What is poetic, the same smear campaign which has made Zimmerman's life difficult also makes his artwork valuable.

    Scheme Team members are getting reamed.

    Three cheers for George Zimmerman.

    @ Justice Delivered

    Zimmerman deserves to be driven to an assisted suicide, since he will never serve prison time for the murder of a black child, while Marissa Alexander is facing decades in jail for a warning shot. Anyone who denies the system is racist is lying, a complete moron, or a white supremacist.

    @ Justice Delivered

    Hip, hip, HOORAY!!!


    He is so pathetic...........


    Good for him, he was declared innocent. And shame on Prez Barack Obama for climbing on the Trayvon Martin band-wagon. It still does not make you popular


    so not ever woman is right..............

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