Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga: The Feud is Over!

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It was entertaining while it lasted, but Radar Online has now confirmed: the rivalry between Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice is over.

The sister-in-laws - who have gone at each other hard for many seasons on The Real Housewives of New Jersey - enjoyed a holiday dinner together over the weekend, with Gorga posting a photo of the event on Twitter and writing that the meal "makes me smile."

Melisa Gorga and Teresa Giudice Smiling!

“You will NOT see any Teresa and Melissa fights this season on RHONJ. Those feuds are over,” an insider tells Radar.

Signs of tension easing between Gorga and Giudice were there in August when the former said she has Teresa's back, with Teresa and her husband facing 50 years in prison for fraud and other financial charges.

Just a month prior to that, however, Gorga went off on Giudice for not defending her against cheating allegations.

Still, this Radar source teases the next season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey and says viewers shouldn't expect more Melissa/Teresa fireworks.

“The drama is going to come with clashes with the new ladies and not with these two families anymore," according to this report. "They’ve put that all behind them. No one wanted to see it, it was getting boring and repetitive on the show.”

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Melissa is so jealous of Teresa, her sisters look for trouble and she dresses like a whore considering she is suppose to be a loyal wife. She needs to stop coming in between blood and bring a brother and sister together they only have each other. She can't sing but thrives make attention she simply looks like a unhappy unfulfilled woman.

@ Lucy lovely18

I've never seen a woman dress so discussing like she did on her child's christening vulgar woman


U guys should knw Teressa is not that much of a bitch If are all cuddly with ur so called rib that doesn't mean they are faithful.


U guys should knw Teressa is not that much of a bitch If are all cuddly with ur so called rib that doesn't mean they are faithful


I watched the show today and my advice to Teressa is to chill his bro and sis inlaw are not worth her time and energy. Melissa should read between lines to know who her real friends are and stop shouting all the time.
***so annoying


That is good that their feud is over. Now maybe Melissa will come visit Theresa and her bitch lessie friends in prison so she doesnt get lonely.

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