Melissa Gorga Denies Cheating Allegations, Goes Off on Teresa Giudice

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Melissa Gorga is both in denial and in a rage.

On a recent episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, the cast member's ex-BFF, Jan DeDolce, told a table full of females that Gorga cheated on husband Joe with an ex, claiming she gave him a blow job.

In response, Gorga makes it clear to Us Weekly: "I've never cheated on Joe."

Melissa Gorga, Husband
Teresa Giudice Smiles

But she also shows wrath not so much for DeDolce... but for sister-in-law Teresa Giudice.

"No matter how much you can't stomach me, I'm your brother's wife!" Gorga says of Giudice, who just sat and listened to the allegation. "When you hear an accusation as disgusting as this, that's going to be on national television, how do you not walk away from the table?"

Probably because the script didn't call for it, we're guessing.

Gorga is also angry with Giudice for not calling her after the rumor got out, which is just the latest in a long-simmering feud between the relatives and colleagues.

The rivalry has gone nuclear, sources say, and Gorga is simply fed up.

"I'm not gonna allow my children to hear things about me and I don't want that kind of talk around my children."


I cannot understand why Melissa did not face her accuser {best friend}.I can only believe that to come face to face with Jan Melissa would be shown to be the liar that she is.Kim D didn't say it Teresa did"nt say it Melissas so called best friend said it..

@ Donna


@ Brigette+

I really do believe that Melissa is a cheater. Of course I have no proof but the fact that she didn't want to confront her accuser speaks loudly. Innocent people usually cant wait to confront their accuser. Also, did you notice that Joe Gorga is not very smart, not very smart at all? Easy to manipulate...but not stimulating to be married to.

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