Miley Cyrus Speaks on Liam Hemsworth Split: I Was So Scared...

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Will Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth get back together? We doubt it.

Not based on what Miley says in an interview with Barbara Walters, which will air Wednesday on ABC as part of that reporter's 10 Most Fascinating People of 2013 special.

In the following snippet from that Q&A, Cyrus admits she moved too quickly with the Australian hunk and she hung on for too long… for all the wrong reasons.

"I was so scared of ever being alone, and I think, conquering that fear, this year, was actually bigger than any other transition that I had, this entire year," says the 21-year old.

Miley and Liam met in 2009 and announced their engagement three years later.

"I don't ever want to have to need someone again, where you feel like, without them, you can't be yourself," Miley added, exerting her independence.

Cyrus, who has shot down talk that she's now dating French Montana, does say, however, that she has no regrets.

I definitely wouldn't change being engaged," she tells Walters.

"It was so fun wearing a fat rock for a few years. But now, I just feel like I can actually be happy. I wait for those moments of silence, when I'm just at my house, by myself."

Miley also says she's open to getting married... someday.

Barbara Walters Presents The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2013 airs on ABC this Wednesday, December 18 at 9:30 p.m. EST.


Oh dillion,Shanelle,and nickie
OMG! Stop that nonsense of u....
Maybe u guys r Jlo because you guys got no SWAGG like her! Why r u against her, she didn't even know you and why talking shit about her..but u know,keep on taking but she still keep on walking..last but not least i hope i feel sorry about you guys cause no matter how hard u try to beat her she never fall down!!!! Miley cyrus ❤ you no matter what!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤😃😀😛💋


Ohhhh! This go out to all miley cyrus haters... Look here, miley doesn't give a shit about your fuckin words! All it matters is that she got talent.. Oh about liam, she's right! The only thing she date him because she feel scared to be stop talking shit about her and mind your own fuckin business!! :);p


'Uncertaïnity' is with all adolescents.


Perhaps she will "twerk" and get naked for Barbra?


Would everyone just leave the girl alone like everyone hasent nessed up a time or two

@ me

What do you mean leave her alone? Nobody is bothering her. She is the one who can't keep her mouth shut, she won't stop yapping about Liam. She keeps talking about him.
He has moved on, and she apparently won't move on.


Miley is really trying to milk that break-up for all she can get out of it. Reminds me of Jennifer Aniston.
Miley wants people to think she left Liam, truth is Liam left her trashy ass, and she can't stop talking about him. MOVE ON GIRL! LIAM ALREADY HAS.


This girl is full of shit. She started dating Liam when she was 16 years old, how in the hell would a 16 year old be afraid of being alone. She makes it sound like she was 50 when she met Liam.

@ Dillon

She didn't say she got with him because she was afraid of being alone. She said that's why she stayed with him. Why does it matter if she is 16, 30, or 50? Since when is there an age requirement to have fears or a codependent relationship?

@ Shanelle

Whether she meant she got with him because she was afraid of being alone, or she stayed with him because she was afraid of being lone, is BULLSHIT! She was 16 or 17, 18, 19, 20 when she was with him. that is VERY young, a kid, AND she could have dated others in that time period. .
Truth is, she stayed with him BECAUSE SHE WANTED HIM. Now that he dumped her ass and has moved on, she CAN'T SHUT UP ABOUT HIM.

@ Dillon

Oh, Dill, do you know them personally? If not maybe you should stop looking so rude and ignorant. People like you are the problem with society. No one can be themselves, especially celebs because they are under constant criticism from twatwaffles like you.

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