Kate Middleton: NOT Pregnant With Second Child

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Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is not pregnant her second child, despite tabloid reports suggesting that another royal baby is on the way in 2014.

Tabloid reports and a blaring “It’s official: Kate’s Pregnant Again!” headline from Star, who'd have you think that Prince George is gonna be a big brother.

He's not. Not anytime soon, at least.

Kate Middleton Tabloid Report

The magazine says that pics taken in early December of Kate Middleton pushing a stroller on the grounds of Kensington Gardens show a “developing baby bump.”

What’s more, Star says that at a recent gala, Middleton was “glowing,” rested her hand “gently on her stomach,” and appeared to have a “little bump.”

We've been down that road before.

The Kate Middleton bump watch was a gossip staple of 2011-12, and there was nothing to it. Even after she was pregnant, it took months to develop.

Even if scandalous Kate Middleton bikini photos taken in Mustique showed barely any proof that she was expecting, and that's after it was confirmed.

The tabloid further states that Queen Elizabeth was told the good news at a holiday lunch, and that Kate's mom, Carole Middleton, wants it to be named Diana.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s spokesman, who rarely dignifies stories like this with a response, in this case told Gossip Cop that it's 100 percent not true.

You can bet your bottom dollar that William and Kate will want to give young George a sibling someday, but that day won't be September 2014.

In the meantime, she looks great. Big surprise there. Motherhood looks marvelous on the 31-year-old, along with anything and everything she wears.


Most of these comments are from ignorant people themselves. If you can't say anything nice shut the hell up.


I'm guessing they will have another baby in 2015


Amazing so much garbage spewn for a young woman who most of the world admires. What's your problem?


Prince William is the Royal Patron of "Age UK"...the organization that has published the figures of the elderly dying of cold in the winter in the UK. They can't afford to heat their homes.Nearly 200 will die today, and tomorrow, and the next day until over 30,000 will have died, by the end of winter, in a rich, supposedly sophisticated country. William could easily help, if he requested something would be done. But no. William and his family had a safe,warm Christmas while many elderly died,and more elderly are still dying, because neither
William nor his mega-rich are doing anything to stop it.


Willy better get back to porking Waity I guess. Low sperm count probably.
They should get it on, that's the only reason he married her.


This lie has already been disputed by the Palace.. She is NOT pregnant.

Free britney
@ Jill

That's what we said in the article.

@ Jill

But she IS a pointless bimbo.

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