Kardashian Christmas Card 2013 Revealed: Who's Missing? Who Steals the Show?

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On last night's Keeping Up With the Kardashians: A Very Merry Christmas special, the E! stars revealed their highly anticipated, over-the-top holiday card.

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    I don't care for the card this year. I don't like the graphics, how everyone is so spread out, and how its not very family or Christmasy. they missed the mark this time


    They all need to be flush down the toilet .... Lol


    Does anyone know who the baby is on the wall next to Bruce?


    Does anyone know who the baby is on the wall next to Bruce?


    The card is stupid, the older girls talking about the card really makes them look stupid and I bet Lachappelle is laughing all the way to the bank. I can't believe anyone could even think the card was cool. It is stupid and symbolizes stupidity. And it goes to show that dumb people think things are good if they cost a lot. The men were smart to stay out of it. Sorry Bruce - and the pony tail - really?


    It's like trying to constantly flush a big toot down the bowl and....THEY JUST WON'T FLUSH DOWN! oh Kris, stop.


    Lord please forgive me, for what I am about to state here in my comments on this disgusting kardashian krismas kard. If everyone view this total picture all will see it is all ILLUMINATI ALL OVER IT. Check out where Kylie and Kendall, are standing next to and in front of the seeing eye inside the pyramid. What kind of mess is this very Evil,Wicked,and very CURSED, I am wondering was this kylie's,kendall, mason,and Penelope's turned to be turned into the new beginners of the controlled puppets of kris jenner? I find it very disturbing with having mason and Penelope included in such a Dead Christmas card. Poor Mason looks like a dead puppet with it's arms hanging over,and poor little precious Penelope looks like she has two HORNS coming from her head.In this pic they have kim plastered everywhere and poor bruce looks like he is being sacrificed in some type of intertubed the expression on his face HELP ME.Please can someone tell me what is that head piece kylie is wearing on her head. I find this pic very wicked and strange they should have left the baby's out of this satanic horrified pic, truly disgusting. I will continue to pray for mason,penelope and NWTTHP (even though she was excluded in this pic ok). All the signs are revelent that this family has sold their souls to satan for FAME,GREED,AND STATUS. Let us all pray for this family for it is truly a known that this family evil,wicked and CURSED 2015 can not get her soon enough. I wonder why wasn't the men included are they going to be sacrificed by kris jenner,kim kardashian,khloe,kylie,and kendall?hmmm God knows everything. Remember it is not my intentions to insult anyone nor attack innocent children this pic is very satanic 100%. A big FAILED once again Kris Jenner.Prayers for this family. Sorry for the long comment but the truth of this disgusting pic someone had to address all the satanic signs being expressed.

    @ curious

    Amen to your very uplifting views. I was wondering if i was the only one who found this pic to be totally blasphemous. These celebs are misleading so many youmg pressionanle ppl, they do not realize that no amount of worldy wealth could ever sum up to the value of ue soul. They choose not to except the truth that is God and the fact that all we have here on earth is only for a short time we cant take our material goods with us when we die. To choose to forsake God and our souls for wealth is sediously disheartening. Whether ppl believe or not the simple fact is GOD IS REAL AND HE LIVES. WHEN WE XIE WE HAVE TO PAY FOR ALL OUR TRESPASSES WHICH WE HAVE COMMITED ONTO OUR SOULS. Wake up ppl and stop idolizing these fickle frivolous so called celebs.


    This Christmas Kard is perfect for this family! Chaotic.


    10 pecent to the good cause. sure, the Bently-foundation?


    Nice illuminati symbolism there.

    This is the most ridiculous card, ever. Does not represent a holiday. It represents narcissism.

    This family is truly disgusting. Their desperate acts of attention are nauseating to many.

    The youngest girl looks hideously miserable with her facial expression, and that birds beak looking hat topper, draping down her forehead.

    Many receiving this card will be laughing at this entire family.

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