Jenelle Evans: Arrested For Swearing in Public After Fight With Nathan Griffith!

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That didn't take long. Just days after announcing that she is pregnant with her second child, Jenelle Evans got arrested after a major fight with her boyfriend.

It wasn't the fight itself, but the Teen Mom 2 firebrand's foul mouth that got her locked up in South Carolina yesterday, though it stemmed from a Nathan Griffith feud.

Police were dispatched two separate times to Evans' home Saturday after receiving calls about her arguing with Griffth outside, according to reports.

Nathan told authorities that the reality star locked him out of the house during an argument, but he agreed to go for a walk and cool off, so officers left.

Shortly after, they were dispatched to the residence again.

Upon arriving at the house again, they saw that Nathan had climbed in the house through a window. The pregnant Jenelle Evans was locked in a bathroom.

Police handled that situation too, to the point where they were ready leave without incident ... until Jenelle started yelling curse words outside the house.

When she refused to stop, cops took her into custody for disturbing the peace. Shortly thereafter, the latest of many Jenelle Evans mug shots was taken.

Jenelle Mug Shot

She's still on probation (for her many, many past run-ins with the law), meaning she could face additional jail time if convicted of this minor offense.

Jenelle was only in jail for about an hour before being cut loose, but not before adding yet another booking photo to her personal Wall of Shame.

No word on what caused the beef with Nathan Griffith, but her previous pregnancy was followed by a miscarriage, arrest and separation from Courtland Rogers.

That was all less than a year ago (she and Rogers are still legally married, in fact). Hopefully, history won't repeat itself this time around. Stay tuned.


I just a picture of her pregnant belly and it looks really bad, I mean bad...
It looks like she has broken out sores on the belly button and tattoo looks fresh... I was wondering if she is still taking drugs...They should take the baby away from her, for the baby's safety...


Isn't this like her 5th pregnancy ??

@ Emily

Second one....


Isn't this like her 5th pregnancy ??


This chick will never change she lives her life stuck on the repeat button. Grow up dumb bitch :)


shw hope no life ..she sold her self to the to the trash pit,,,


she hope no life...


This young lady need "HELPBAD"


It's even harder being a clown!


so it's pretty hard to be a role model?


Jenelle is making money on her TV series so she ought to get the hell out of Dodge and find a better town and better husband and boyfriend. If you are getting shit on then find a better place and better men to be around, instead of kept in a vicious circle with asses.

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