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The Real Housewives of Atlanta head to Savannah and it should be “Savann-No” because the trip is off the chain before it even gets started. We recap the extreme tardiness, how one Housewife fuels the flames, and how Kandi checks Momma Joyce in our THG +/- review

Honestly I wouldn’t have blamed NeNe Leakes if she threw her hands in the air and called the whole trip off….

But we know that’s not about to happen so let’s start at the beginning of The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 6 Episode 7 as everyone has things to do before they get on their way. 

Kandi on RHOA

Like Kandi Burruss who heads over to Cynthia Bailey’s to lament her Momma drama, figuring if anyone would understand it would be Cyntha. Plus 10.

But even Cynthia is bowled over by this level of family craziness. I love it when Kandi calls her Momma and her aunts “the old lady gang.” Plus 23. That’s exactly what they were as they tried to bully Carmon into leaving the bridal salon. 


Before you know it Kandi was in tears, crying about how she didn’t want a wedding, “where people be all flipping out, acting crazy. I don’t want that.”  Well who does but you can bet when it happens Bravo’s cameras will be right there to catch every awful minute of it. 

Cynthia’s absolutely right. Kandi needs to check her Momma before Todd reaches his breaking point. Plus 15. It’s time to put the big girl pants on. 

Meanwhile Momma Joyce visits Phaedra to tell her she could choke her for introducing Kandi to Todd. Minus 33. Damn. Momma doesn’t pull any punches and it only gets worse. 

Joyce calls Todd just one of “the workers” and then complains that “You don’t introduce two short people with big heads.” Minus 40

It’s darn funny, unless it’s your momma saying it. 

Phaedra does her best to stick up for the happy couple. She likes Todd. “He’s as cute as a button. He’s smart as a whip. I knew that they would make a very cute couple.”

Phaedra thinks Todd is the one for Kandi and says so.  Plus 27. 

Looks like little Ayden has good instincts because Momma Joyce is one mean woman and she is off the chain. 

Finally Kandi sits down with her Momma and that woman is lucky her daughter is so darn nice. There are plenty out there who would have kicked momma to the curb long ago.

When Momma told Kandi, “I got damn near no respect for you for not taking up for me as your mother” I wouldn’t have blamed her a bit if she showed Joyce the door and told her not to come back.

But Joyce must have realized her time was coming up. She agreed to keep her mouth shut about Kandi’s relationships. Plus 37. That’s probably as good as Kandi’s going to get. 

In other news Porsha’s trying to learn how to live on a post-divorce budget. Instead of buying both the $7,000 a pair warrior princess sandals and the $3,500 gold ankle boots, she decided to just go with just the $3,500 pair. 

We all know how hard it can be to be fiscally responsible these days. (Yes, I’m rolling my eyes as I write this.)

Kenya Moore is packing for Savannah and doing one of her crazy dances. Minus 25. I’d pay someone if I never had to watch Kenya sing or dance (if that’s what you can call it) ever again.

And Kenya’s constant digs against the other women’s weight issues are nothing but spiteful. Minus 18.  The girl’s not exactly a supermodel herself. 

Finally we’re ready to leave for Savannah…well some of us are.

When most of us are invited on a trip and told to meet at 11:00am, we meet at 11:00am.  Apparently if you’re a Housewife, time has a different meaning.

Plus 12 to Kenya for actually being on time although she loses those points and more for being obnoxious about it later.

If a normal person were going to be late, they’d pick up a phone and call.  But not if you’re a Housewife.

If you’re a Housewife you show up three hours late and look offended if someone actually points out how tardy you are. Minus 45.

It’s just plain rude and Nene had every right to be ticked off.

Kenya, on the other hand should have said her peace and then SHUT UP!

Once they got on the bus it should have been NeNe’s show but Kenya was determined to hijack the trip. As Cynthia said, “Who died and made Kenya the principal of the bus ride?” Minus 22.

When she decided to penalize the other woman by calling the best rooms before they’d even left I was ready to toss her out and leave her on the side of the road. 

I have one question. Did Kenya really bring her gun?

The drama’s already started and the bus hasn’t even left yet. Something tells me Savannah will be off the chain.

Episode total = -59!                                                 Season total = -388!