Gal Gadot Cast as Wonder Woman in Man of Steel Sequel

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It will be titled Batman Vs. Superman, but another super hero may still the blockbuster show.

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    wonder woman? she even don't know how to get sperm with a boy!!


    Huge foul-up,right here,film maker's...Gadot is WAY too-Thin to be Wonder Woman...
    EVERY Wonder Woman to date has been a shapely hour-glass figure woman from comic's,to posters,to TV shows and etcetera...Not only that,but Wonder Woman never had an accent either...
    No offense to Gadot's acting skills---so far those have been excellent in F&F series,but---Not Wonder Woman quality...
    I know it'll be hard, but, you need to find 'another Lynda Carter'---She was the perfect Wonder Woman...But you guy's know that,right?
    I don't understand you guys choice's sometimes,but---that's how it goes,right?
    I may have to miss this next Superman addition: Affleck was the perfect 'Matt Murdock' in Daredevil[he couldn't have looked more like MM if he'd been drawn!] However,as Batman? Not so much...With that being said,I know he'll pull-off Batman better than Gadot as Wonder Woman...
    Hell,Rachel Bilson looked a whole better as the iconic character when she dressed-up for 'Seth' in an episode of the 'OC',than Gadot will...
    Oh well---Good Luck with that anyway...

    @ 2wild42long

    "Not only that,but Wonder Woman never had an accent either..." So a character that's GREEK in origin is supposed to sound like... what? from Brooklyn? Texas? please explain

    @ ran76

    @ran76:"please explain" No problem. First,WW is from Paradise Island,which is supposed to be mystically hidden,and Amazon's only. So actually,it doesn't have to be Greek she speaks. Which is probably why she never has in the comic books,nor in the long running series of TV show and cartoon's. I can't ever recall her sounding like the father in 'My big fat Greek wedding',can you? Come to think of it,I've watched and listened to John Stamos since 'Never too young to die' in the 80's,and he's as Greek in origin as anyone,yet---perfect English. So,the point is,since they've brought Wonder Woman's character out in a TV show,and in the 'Superfriend's cartoon as speaking perfect English,with no hint of accent---why start now? It just throws a piece of her off.
    Unless you're trying to rewrite her whole character and design from the time she came-out in what? The 40's?? After all,she originally came-out like Captain America,in the World War II era(Wonder Woman was known for fighting the Nazi's and Hitler. Her secret identity as Diana was enlisted in the military. Plus,if she's really Greek---why the stars and red,white,and blue,for a costume? That isn't Greece's color's. Sounds Patriotic American[like me]). Now,how she's still in a perfectly young age,and kicking around today like that---I'll leave to the comic-book creator's---that's their job. Maybe she's magical just like her island? And here's the reason things like the accent are a problem: I am but one of a mega-many of dyed-in-the-wool serious fan's of these characters we grew-up on. And if you want to 'sell this illusion'(which is definitely what movies are supposed to be about) then you need to get as close to the character as possible,and follow his/her story-lines as much as possible(like when they came-out). I promise---it'll mean the difference between having an alright movie that made some profit off a Superhero's fan-base,or---making mega-profit's from Several Superhero films from pleased follower's who love what you've done with such a character and continue to do...Ya' see? It just depends on if the producers and studio's want a short-term goal,or long-term goals...If short term: Throw anyone in the suit,toss some film together and put it out there. Cause there WILL be fans who will go see the first installment,just to see how it came-out(Kind'a like this last 'Lone Ranger' which was Horrible). But,if they're wanting franchise,down-the-road,continued returns from those same fan's(Plus the one's who wind-up going because we can't shut-up about it[LOL!])then they need to dazzle us with right-actress and well done story-line that works in keeping with her character. They come-out with bizarre off-the-wall story-lines,and so-so persons for the role,and--there really won't be any need for a 'Wonder Woman part#2'---unless they happen to be needing a 'tax-write-off' at that particular time...It's just that simple...
    You really shouldn't tamper with Heroes and iconic character's that have as big a following as many of DC's and Marvel's comic's have. In case you're wondering how big that could possibly be? Check-out your local 'comic-con expo's--you may be amazed...
    If you're gonna take Wonder Woman out of character with physical appearance,linguistics,and such---just create your own character and be done with it...
    So far,though,Wonder Woman as she stands,from the 70's series to now---is perfect the way she is...No need to change anything...
    Just do a little more research,and a little more effort...The pay-off will be worth-it for both sides: The followers are happier and continue to follow,and---film's continue to draw those same follower's and more than likely will gain some New follower's...See?
    If they wanted WW to speak with an accent,they should've done it from the beginning. However,she's made way too many speaking appearance's over the decades to start different now. It'll just sound weird and throw her out-of-balance with what a lot of fan's associate her as doing...
    Class dismissed(LOL!)
    If there are anymore questions---I'll be happy to answer them...

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