The Voice Results: Who Made the Top 12? Find Out Now!

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The Voice narrowed its fifth season field from 20 to 12 last night in a results show full of brutal cuts. Some tougher than others, but all were brutal.

Most of the perceived favorites coasted through with America's votes, which saved two singers on each coach's teams. The other chance to move on?

That was left up to Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Cee Lo Green. Read on for the outcome of The Voice results show Thursday ...

Voice Coach Photo

Team Christina

Voted in: Jacquie Lee and Matthew Schuler!

Saved: Josh Logan!

"I have to go where my heart is invested right now," Aguilera said, rescuing Josh and leaving Olivia Henken and Stephanie Anne Johnson crushed.

Team Adam

Voted in: James Wolpert and Tessanne Chin!

Saved: Will Champlin!

This was a big of a surprise over Preston Pohl and Grey, but Adam thinks Will has the most potential, and his team has a lot of depth this year.

Team Blake

Voted in: Cole Vosbury and Austin Jenckes!

Saved: Ray Boudreaux!

Shelbie Z. and Nic Hawk? A good run.

Team Cee Lo

Voted in: Caroline Pennell and Jonny Gray!

Saved: Kat Robichaud!

Tough, tough call there over Amber Nicole and Tamara Chauniece. Like Adam, his team has such talent that people will be second guessing this one.

What do you think of The Voice Top 12? Were they the dozen singers you think deserved to advance? Did America, and the coaches, get it right?


Well, I still believe in Tessanne and I will still keep voting, but Matthew performed "flawlessly" last night and stuck to his gospel roots. A beautiful performance and I simply love "HALLELUJAH" when someone can sing it as well as he did last night!


Adam Levine needs to be axed, he is such an idiot to miss what Preston had to offer and we missed it. Thanks Adam you fool


I dont know what is going on in Louisville, KY, but I voted for Tamara over 13 times last week. I do not understand why they let me go over 10 votes. Last year the message would stop me. Also I just done the same thing for another singer and it is 11:30. I do not belive they are counting the votes in KY. Something fishy going on????


Worst season ever - team Christina lost the only two reasons We even tuned in this season. Those two girls who were cut ( Olivia and Stephanie) were BY FAR better than any other contestant on the entire show. I hope they go on to sign a record label- I would buy there music!


Tessane always, she got this and she is gonna let jamaica feel proud, GO TESSANE!!! love always Team Adam you got the winner which is Tessane just watch out


this result show was awesome i wanted Tessane to advance and i also wanted Nick Hawk but the show was just amazing onlyy sad to see Nick go home


The voters definitely made the right choice go team Adam... Tessane Chin... keep it up... u go girl...


I was shocked that Blake let Shelbie Z go and was shocked that CeeLo let Amber Nicole and Tamara Chauniece go. I think it's going to be Team Adam vs Team Christina


To tell the truth, I have already made Tessanne Chin as the winner this season. They are all very good, but she has that little something special. I believe CeeLo said it best, she sings like "a grown woman"!

@ ladydee277

true true but its not no team against no team because team Adam got it