Taylor Swift: Set to Respond to Justin Bieber "All Bad" Diss

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Justin Bieber has apologized for disrespecting the flag of Argentina during a concert in that nation over the weekend.

But Taylor Swift is still awaiting her mea culpa from the artist.

Bieber released a track on Monday titled "All Bad" and made no secret that at least a portion of the lyrics were meant as a diss to Swift, re-Tweeting the message of a follower who said Justin was "shading" his rival singer with the song.

Of particular, Swift-based note would be Bieber's reference to how "females like to run their mouths."

It's no secret that Taylor isn't the biggest fan of Bieber, having allegedly told Selena Gomez on many occasions to NOT get back together with her on-and-off beau.

And we all remember when Swift stuck out her tongue over Justin and Selena giving each other a peck, don't we?

So if Justin is slamming Taylor in this single, does that mean we can expect some musical retaliation from Swift? You bet, an anonymous source tells Hollywood Life.

“She has heard the song, and she is definitely going to respond at some point,” the source says. “She has the mentality now that payback is a bitch. A song about him has no timetable but it’s inevitable.”

It's not as if Taylor is one to hold back her emotions when song writing, as John Mayer and every ex-boyfriend know well.

Juicy stuff, huh, THGers? Do you think Justin is wrong to call out Taylor in this track? Should Swift respond? And what should be the title of her revenge release? Don't Belieb the Hype?

Sound off now!


taylor swift is a phoney bitch who needs to mind her own business. she is interfering with selena and justins relationship. her body language ( tongue out) among other things is a good indication of who she is. she fancies herself as the last word in relationshgips but her track record says different. why did harry styles call her a pain in the ass? Justin is only 19 and selena 21. they have both made mistakes but left alone are able to work it out themselves. the fact is they are still very much hung up on each other and it won't be resolved anytime soon.


Wait til Em makes a song about Taylor. He would that haughty bitch cry.


Stupid, stupid move... not only is Taylor a better songwriter than Bieber, but she will probably end up airing all his dirty laundry in the song, letting everyone know what he did to Selena. His song is forgettable other than the lyrics; Taylor will make something so catchy it'll probably end up being #1.


Well, taylor gets another song and she didn't even have to get another boyfriend!!


Bieber versus Taylor songwriting feud? Its like a baby tries to wrestle heavyweight boxer. Lmao. Oh Justin....why do you do it to yourself? You have 0 chance against Taylor when it comes to songwriting.

@ Joe

Is this Joe Jonas?


really,who cares what taylor
says anymore
she's showin herself as the phony
she's always been
she needs a good shit kickin
in a catchy tune
do it to her justin


Hollywood Life is wrong 99.99% of the time. Great source to base a story on.

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